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    Default Re: One size fits all?

    I slightly dis-agree with the 8n theory. They may not be good for some things but I've raked and tedded a lot of hay with one, too much to say they are not useful. I'll bet I can save enough fuel with an 8n to pay for itself in a couple of years as opposed to raking with a 100hp tractor.
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    IMHO.. I wouldn't want to do landscaping with my hay bailing heavy tractor.. will it do it.. yes.. will yard look like a bulldozer came thru? yes.

    a cut and ag tractor ( older even ) will be a good fit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KnuckleDragger View Post
    Well, I just "bought the farm" and I need some tractor buying advice, badly. The long version of my question follows later in the post. The short version of my questions is this:

    Can I expect a tractor suitable for mowing/baling approx 200 acres that is capable hauling large bales to also have good utility for FEL work, landscaping, etc?

    The long version is:

    I would like to know if I can reasonably expect to get by with one "just right" sized tractor or if I'll need two (one for utility, one for hay). Here are some of my factors. If I need to post more info, please ask:

    220 acres, consisting of mostly rolling pasture (170 acres), 40 acres woods/brush, 10 acres of house, barn & lake.

    My wife's plan (dream) is a large commercial greenhouse, garden and orchard. Mine is cattle and other small livestock. We are both hoping these plans can live together, but that is another topic for another forum.

    We have lots to mow & brush hog. I want the area around the the lake, at least one side, to be finish mowed.

    Both the wife and I need to be able to operate the tractor for any given task. I am inclined to believe that she will be intimidated by a larger tractor, and will leave all of that work to me. This perfect tractor needs to be clutchless. Her knees are a bit "trick" and probably wouldn't hold up to the riggers of constant forward/reverse operation that I think she will using it for. The more it operates like a large riding mower, the better. I'm fine with the clutch, though.

    If money were no issue, I would buy about a 30-40 HP utility tractor with loader, blade, and small brush hog or finish mower. As well as about a 70+ hp tractor for hay. Since money is an issue, my leaning is toward a smallish utility tractor just to stop the bleeding, and working a share-crop deal with a neighbor for the hay. I am just looking for some affirmation.

    To answer your question:

    Nope--for example here are two tractors I own or have owned

    One size fits all?-dscf0061-small-jpg

    One size fits all?-dscf0062-small-jpg

    The little tractor is a 2005 kubota B7510HST (21 hp engine, 17hp pto, hydrostatic transmission, 4WD, power steering) with the LA302 FEL (4-ft wide bucket, 800 lb lift). I bought it new and used it for landscaping around my new house (10 acres, flat pasture land). Cost: $12600 plus tax.

    Three years later I traded it for the big guy --a 2008 Mahindra 5525 (54 hp engine, 45 hp pto, 2WD, gear tranny, power steering with the ML250 FEL (6ft wide bucket, 2950 lb lift) when I decided to plant hay on 6 acres. Cost: $18K. It's shown with a 6-ft wide Hawkline brush hog mower- cost $1100.

    You wouldn't want to use the 5525 for landscaping and the B7510 is useless for handling large haying equipment (large disc, baler). Something like the B7510HST would be a good choice for landscaping, garden and orchard use.

    The 5525 is on the small side for haying large acreage (say more than 50 acres).

    I'd say go with a new or late model used 30-40 hp CUT with hydrostatic tranny and FEL. There are many choices. Most TBNers go with a local deal who can provide service at a reasonable price.

    BTW: I'm a transplanted MO boy (STL area). My DIL's folks live in Belton.

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