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    Default Re: Rules Of Thumb For Tractor Size, etc?

    Quote Originally Posted by RPW View Post
    There isn't a one tractor fits all.
    I will add that most of us never find the perfect tractor for all our needs. A tractor is a compromise in that it will be well suited to some jobs, too large for others, and too small for others. You match the tractor to the most common job and make do for other jobs. For example I would love to have 7' or 8' RC for some fields I mow but a tractor able to spin it would not fit in the wooded areas I spend most of my time mowing. Prioritize your needs then match a tractor to the top needs and make sure it is able to perform the other needs with a little give and take.

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    Default Re: Rules Of Thumb For Tractor Size, etc?

    One thing that limited me to the purchase of my tractor, ccy sc2400, was the vehicle in which I am using to pull it around. Having an 07 Ford Ranger 4x4, I knew I would be limited in what I could haul once I hooked the trailer up to it. I would have like to have gotten a JD 2520 or something similar in size, but I figured that would have been to much for my vehicle once I added the attachments. My sc2400 has served me well and has pretty much done everything I've asked it to do, but down the road I plan on upgrading the truck, tractor, and trailer to something larger.
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