I have been reading many of the posts on this site for a while now and have been impressed by the knowledge of the members and quality of the postings.

I am looking at buying a medium sized utility tractor for a number of tasks bushhogging, moving and loading round bails (front loader), moving snow, and eventually running a small bailer. I think I have decided on going 4 wheel drive about 60 pto hp. I am in no hurry since I want to research and make my choice carefully since I doubt my wife will let me buy another one any time soon.

Over the weekend I happened to see a Deutz-Fahr Agrolux 70 4 wheel drive. The tractor looked like it had a low center of gravity (setting lower than a 4x4 new Holland), was about 1 ft shorter than a TN75. Shorter tractors are a plus since I will use it in and around our small barn. The DF tractor had good front visiblity and it was very comfortable. Overall it looked to be good quality and was still running an air cooled German engine. I know that the "old" deutz were great tractors, very economical and would run for ever. But I wonder about the "new" deutz tractors now that they are owned by SAME. I know SAME is a large tractor maker overseas but I don't know much else about them. Does anyone know anything about the new Deutz-Fahrs? Would you recommend them? I also wonder about parts availability 10 years down the road - I don't think there are very many of these dealers in the USA now. From reading other posts on the site it appears that parts availability a number of years down the road could be a problem in any maker now?

FYI - I am also looking at a MF 263 (liked this even smaller than the DF but not as comfortable) and the NH TN75 (kinda big in size). Any thoughts regarding Deutz or the MF or NH would be appreciated. Thanks.