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    Default Buying a JD4110 vs. Kubota B7500

    I am considering purchasing one of the 2 tractors. Each tractor is configured with a 60" belly mower, Power steering, 4WD, and a 48" rotary cutter. They both have similar gross and PTO HP, wheelbase, and ground clearance.

    Dealer price quotes from yesterday 9/3/02.

    JD4110 - $12,870
    B7500 - $13,200

    Both dealers are close and service my area.

    Which one would you purchase and why?

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    Default Re: Buying a JD4110 vs. Kubota B7500

    I just went thru the same situation. I drove both and went with the JD4110 410 FEL and Filled R4's. The JD just felt better and I liked some of the features better then on the kubota. One major item that I did not like on the Kubota was the rocker petal to control the HST. JD has a twin petal design that for me was easier to use. They are both great machines , it is just a matter of which one fits you best.

    Currently JD is offer a $650 off the tractor itself and $300 off each additional attachment. My total off was $950 , plus JD interest rates are a .5 less then Kubota's

    Good Luck


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    Default Re: Buying a JD4110 vs. Kubota B7500

    If I'm remembering correctly the JD has position control & the kubota doesn't. My New Holland has position control & I think it is something worth having. I seriously considered the JD 4010 / 4110, but the local dealers weren't competative with their quotes. I'm very happy with the NH by the way.

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    Default Re: Buying a JD4110 vs. Kubota B7500

    <font color=blue>One major item that I did not like on the kubota was the rocker petal to control the HST</font color=blue>

    I like the pedal design of the Kubota especially for snowblowing with my rear mount snowblower. Driving backwards, I'm able to turn myself in my seat and use the reverse tredal with the ball of my foot. I haven't tried it, but I imagine driving backwards with the other pedal arrangement would not be as comfortable.

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