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    I have been pondering the purchase of a new BX2200.I am curious if present owners out there could advise me in a few areas.
    1.Has anyone used the bucket to move snow ? How easy is the bucket attachment?
    2.Which mid mower size would mow arond tree etc. easier? How easy is the mower to attach?
    3.Does the tractor free roll down inclines?
    4.Bar or turf tires,which for overall use?
    5.Is the 4 wheel assist really a helpful,useful addition.
    6.Having never owned a diesel,what are some of the maintenance issues?
    7.How user friendly is the tractor for a woman to operate?

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    Shortcut, If you do a search there is a ton of info on the BX. I'll try to help with your questions.
    1.I have plowed snow for two winters with the FEL. It works well. Attachment is a 5 minute job.
    2.I have no problems with the handling of the 60" MMM. Once, attach/detach is the easiest of any tractor I have owned.
    3. No. It has good braking in low range.
    4. I like the turfs, many others are sold on the bars.
    5. Since you asked about plowing, yes, 4wd is a god send.
    6. Maintainence is less and easier than a gas engine. Oil ,air and fuel filter is about all.
    7. My girlfriend, and several kids (with supervision) all found the hydro, and power steering easy to use.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: bx2200 insights

    I've owned and operated tractors for 30 years. While I have spent 100s of hours on mostly larger tractors I am amazed at the ability of my new BX2200. It is very easy for the wife and kids to master. I have and 11 year old boy and girl that mow with it with ease. In fact I have to mow the grass while they are at school to keep them begging me to do it!! I don't live in snow country but can tell you from my experience with the FEL on my machine that snow would be no challenge for it. I would definately go with the 60" MMM because the machine handles it easily. also the wider the cut the quicker you are done and the smoother the lawn looks. By the way I have never seen any mower that that mows so smooth and fast and cuts clippings so small. The diesel is much better that gas. This engine and machine with routine simple maintenance should last a lifetime. If you are only going to use the FEL for snow removal go with the snow blower instead. I have read on here that it blows snow any direction up th 50' away. If planning on getting the FEL any way get a 5' rear angle blade to use for balast and it will do a super job plowing snow in reverse. I have bar tires on mine and would not recomend the turfs to anyone. The bars do not tear up the lawn and have like a hundred times more traction in the soft stuff. Even if you do not have a real need for bars you are paying alot of money for this machine so why not equip it so you can realize its full potenial should the needs arise. Hope this helps you, good luck.

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    I would definately go for the 60" deck, it's not only larger but also has a built in "balancer" that the 54" deck doesn't have. The balancer helps for smoother cuts in uneven areas.
    Also I mow on a very steep slope with the BX that I couldn't even consider mowing with my last 2wd tractor, so YES the 4wd is excellent all around. As far as tires, if you plan to spent most of your time on pavement or grass I would say go with turfs, if dirt and stone more often perhaps bars would be better. Lastly, as far as I'm concerned a diesel is the ONLY way to go for low maintainence, fuel effiecency, and torque(pulling or pushing power).

    Hope it helps,

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    I've owned a bx2200 for almost a year now and I have nothing but praise for the tractor. The bucket is very easy to attach but it fills up quickly when going though 12" of snow. I have 400 feet of paved driveway and I can push the snow the entire length of the driveway without a tire slipping. The problem is the bucket fills quickly and you find yourself lifting and dumping alot. This year I'm buying a rear blade and my 400 foot pass down the driveway will result in the snow being pushed off the driveway not just down the driveway then needing lifted. The questions on 4wd and tire type are easy to answer. My neighbor has dogs and likes to walk them in his yard in the winter. Instead of driving forward with the front end loader down and possibly tearing into his grass, I tilted the bucket to the dump position and lowered it to the grass and then drove in reverse through 12+ inches of snow with only turf tires on and it had NO problem. The tractor is very easy for a woman to operate and it will steer easier than her car.

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