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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    SSSHHH!.... Don't let my GC2300 hear she's not a tractor . I just finished waxing her, getting ready for some more chores. It's never had a lawnmower attached, The loader and PTO do all the work.
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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    I would say yea. Like someone else mentioned Ford makes the Big dog Diesel F-350 and the little Ranger. They are both trucks and who ever buys each feels it will fit the need. Same thing with a SCUT. I would never own one but yes, they are a tractor in my eyes.

    To me tractor = Hydraulics, 3 point, and the availability to have a FEL/


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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    Just don't put a cab on one. They look silly.

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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    Quote Originally Posted by MoKelly View Post
    If it has a 3 point it is a tractor in my book.
    So what's a TLB? How about industrial units?
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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    TLB? Toy Laboring Badly! I can make fun...I've got 2 of the little feller's.

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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    Quote Originally Posted by cdaigle430 View Post
    This question was brought up in another thread but I wanted to get everyones take regardless of what brand or size tractor you own. The question of the day is;
    1*Is a sub-compact tractory just a glorified lawn mower or is it truly a tractor? My take and experience says it is that they are true tractors-just smaller in size-like a mini me.
    1*It's a real tractor.
    The x700s are really glorified garden tractor on steroids.
    There is a big difference between a sub compact and a garden tractor although they are both tractors.

    Quote Originally Posted by chew View Post
    I'll chime in. Yes they are. When you hear rideon lawnmower does somthing with a FEL pop into your head? nope.
    2*You can do so much more with a SCUT then your local big box "lawn master"
    2* this seperates the men from the boys.

    Quote Originally Posted by lizardman View Post
    3*Is a Mini cooper a vehicle just the same as a Cadillac or Porche?
    4*Is a Ford Ranger a truck just the same as a F-350
    3*Yes but not the same vehicle.
    4*They are all trucks but not alike.
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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    Is a tiger a cat? Do you cook your steaks in a pot or a pan? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Golly, we need a philosophy forum, so the SCUM know where they belong.
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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    I don't guess I own anything that would be classified as a SCUT. I find it interesting what people call things. My neighbor calls his deere (Home Depot) mower a tractor. At my house the deere GT235 is referred to as a lawnmower and the Mahindra 2615 is referred to as a tractor. I am not sure it really matters.

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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    Quote Originally Posted by MoKelly View Post
    If it has a 3 point it is a tractor in my book.
    My golf cart seems a bit big then ???

    I don't see how you can define the term "tractor" ...Semi tractor,Farm tractor,Tug tractor,crawler tractor......Wheel size/set-up,fuel type,Pushing/pulling etc. All tractors are'nt they ?

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    Default Re: Are SCUT really Tractors

    Here's how one website defines "Tractor":

    1.A vehicle having a powerful gasoline or diesel motor and usually large, heavily treaded rear tires, used especially for pulling farm implements or machinery.
    2.A truck having a cab and no body, used for pulling large vehicles such as vans or trailers.
    3.Something that pulls or draws.
    a.An airplane propeller mounted in front of the supporting surfaces.
    b.An airplane having such a propeller.
    5.A toothed mechanism that automatically advances perforated continuous-form paper through a computer printer.
    [From Latin tractus, past participle of trahere, to draw.]

    I'd say #3 covers most compacts (including subCUTs).
    Roy Jackson

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