I am in the market for a new open station mfwd utility tractor and am looking at a John Deere 5075M with 563 loader and a New Holland T4030 with 820 TL loader. So far from what I have seen the JD will run about $5K more than the New Holland. I guess I am interested to see what peoples opinions are on these two tractors. I tend to like New Holland better, but sat on a 5075M today and it really felt like the operator station was set up nicely. It has the economy PTO, which in my opinion is a really nice option to have. I like the easy option of the 40 kph (25 mph) transmission on the New Holland where the John Deere you have to buy the 32F/16R option to get like 22 mph. The list goes on... I appreciate any thoughts and comments on this comparison.