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    Default Pressure Washer

    I would appreciate some input from those of you experienced with pressure washers.
    It would be used primarily for general clean up around the place, washing the tractor and other smaller equipment.
    Price is a consideration but not the most important. What I want is performance and reliability.
    Thanx in advance.

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    If you're looking for a good all-around one, and not a huge unit that heats water, etc... I picked up one at Sam's Club that has a honda engine that has been going strong.

    I had one from a local home improvement store before with a briggs motor but it lasted only a couple years. I use it mainly for washing my cars, ATVs, and tractors. And cleaning out the garage/shop now and then. Even cleaning the stucco on our house.

    For a good one, expect to pay at least $250. I like honda small motors... never had an issue with them.

    But, the one issue you may have, as I do, is with well water over time it can stick to the internals of the pump causing it to stick. Normally I'll unhook the hoses from each side, start it up, and spray a lubricant through it (like JB80, MM Oil, WD40, etc) until it's coming out the other side and let it sit a day or two. That usually fixes it for a while.

    Never let it freeze outside either. That will destroy the pump.

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    My pump got destroyed by someone turning the water off prior to shutting the engine down, the fix was a new pump as the only thing not needing replacement was the pump housing. So be careful who you lend it to and make sure they know how to use it

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    If you want performance, look for GPM and then pressure. Using a 2.5 GPM washer is fine for small stuff like tractors, but if you plan on doing driveways, houses, decks etc, get at least 3.5 GPM. I have a 4.5 GPM and when folks borrow it, they want to use it again, even those that have small ones want to use it. Mine is a MtM 13 HP belt drive 4.5 GPM and 3000 PSI. I have had it since 1994, use it considerably and have yet to replace anything except tips and the hose. For the best reliability, a belt drive is without a doubt superior to direct drive. (I also have a direct drive.) The flip side is, the belt drive will cost you, expect $2000. A decent washer with a Honda 5.5 HP will run you around $600. One like that is really a nice way to go. Remember, GPM then pressure. Most of the time you will not be able to pick that as pressure is what gets hyped.

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    If you want one that will be around awhile go with a Honda motor and CAT or General triplex pump.

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    I have a 2.5 gpm / 2600 psi and have been very pleased with it. Use it to wash the siding on the house, all the cars and tractors. Works good on the driveway and sidewalks also.

    I was told to get one with a Honda engine and did. Haven't been disappointed. Paid $250 at Home depot.

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    I have a 4 gpm @ 4000psi unit with a Honda engine that works well. Agree to focus on the gpm then the pressure. Either store in a heated space or run RV andtifreeze through it in the winter months every time you use it.

    Most of the units allow adjusting the pressure, I don't recomend running more than 2000 psi on auto's and painted surfaces. If you do then then don't hold the nozzle too close.

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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    I too have the Mi-T-M belt driven unit - mine is 4.6 GPM with a 11 hp Briggs and it will definitely do the job. I bought mine used about 10 years ago for a song, don't know what they actually cost but I would definitely pay for a new one if I were looking to buy. Be forewarned though - you get a unit that does have the flow, be sure your water supply can keep up with it if on a well or spring, it will definitely go thru some water quick. The higher volume of water is what does the cleaning so good on larger jobs. Mine will cause my well to start pulling a little sediment if I run it much over 1/2 an hour or so - the only time my well does so.
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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    If you got water supply issues, measure your gpm. I just take a 5gal pail and turn faucet on and see how long it takes. I have a Karcher unit. 220volt/4.5gpm/1800lbs pressure/200 degree water. plenty of water from my well, supply has never been an issue. Nice unit. But i have a trucking business, gets used a lot.

    For home use, 2 to 3 gals will do fine. If you go with electric power, try to stick with 110volt. Easier to find outlets. Go light and easy when first using. These can and will cause a lot of damage, if not careful. Decking/driveways/siding etc pressure washers will cause more work than you want. Pressure washed off my deck for painting/staining. Peeled up more than just the paint. BIL used it to pressure wash his siding before restaining. BIL's wife was not happy when she had water damage in the 1st flr ceiling. Nice to have, but stuff happens. Repeated washing of driveways will wear/wash materials out sooner.
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    Default Re: Pressure Washer

    The amount of volume, (gpm), is often overlooked, in favor of pressure ratings.

    Anything less than 2.0 gpm, is a toy. If you want to clean things, you need water volume.

    To illustrate this, I have a gasoline powered tank sprayer, that can put out 6 gpm, at 90 psi, If your removing mud from a tractor, it will out clean a good pressure washer in this task, because of the volume.

    For me, a 2.5 gpm, 2400 psi, is a good all around, fair priced, household machine.

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