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    Default Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    I'm down to making some initial decisions, and these two are major contenders.

    The Deere is shuttle transmission, turbo, and hydraulic brakes.

    The kubota is sync transmission, non-turbo, and mechanical brakes.

    The Deere makes its PTO power at 2400 rpm, while the Kubota requires about 2700, if my figgers are right.

    I'll be using the tractor for mainly bush-hogging and some FEL work (after I can afford the FEL) on about 80 hilly acres (50-60 in abandoned pasture) in snowy, upstate New York.

    I prefer, I think, naturally-aspirated, so the Kubota's not having a turbo is a wash for me. I can live with having to push the clutch in on the Kubota. But what about the brakes? Kubota mechanical, and Deere hydraulic. Seems to me that is a major difference and, on a tractor that size, I think I'd prefer the hydraulic. But, what do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    I have a MX5100 on 76 hilly acres and I brushhog alot. It works really well but i don't usually need to crank it up to 2700RPMs. It mows just fine at a lower RPM. The brakes work very well, I never had an issue as of yet. I do use the 4wd on the steeper hills, it holds the tracotr back very well so i don't slide out of control.
    I like the kubota for it's simplicity. I don't need ( or want ) the hydro pedal. Just something else that could break and is expensive to fix. I think it would be handy if you do a whole bunch of FEL work (forward and back continually) But if not, I don't see a huge need for it.

    I would highly advise loading the rear tires if you go with the MX4700.
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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    When I glanced at the title of this thread I first thought that it was the thread that I started about a month ago when I was making the kubota/JD decision.

    You are now getting to the point of looking at relatively minute details. These are both great machines IMHO. Brake types and turbo/non turbo are issues that are just a wash AFIAC. Hydraulic brakes will require maintenance. If you want hydraulic brakes on ANY vehicle to be trouble free, you need to flush the fluid completely every two years. If you do this the hydraulics will never give any trouble. A turbo typically results in a more fuel efficient engine, but the turbo is just one more expense at overhaul time and something else to go wrong.

    I posted my Kubota/JD question and got good comments and feedback, but money ended up deciding since I considered the machines six of one and a half dozen of the other. I just don't think you can go wrong with either one. My shopping around resulted in buying the JD for about two thousand dollars less and I don't regret the decision at all.

    Since you've narrowed it down to these two machines, determine which dealer will provide better service and give the best price. It's as simple as that. I'm convinced that either of these machines will serve you well.

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    What does loading the rear tires mean?

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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    Loaded rear tires means filling the rear tires with fluid to add additional weight and lower the center of gravity. There are several various recipes of fluid for this purpose. A search of TBN will produce several threads on the various fluids.

    I have a kubota MX5100. It is a good machine. Some have reported an extremely jerky 3point hitch. Mine is not jerky. Again, there are several threads on the topic. Do your research!

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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    i second what MBDiagMan says both are good choices i have a m4800 with around 1000 hrs on it. its been a great tractor i have no complaints.I think the deeres are just as good.I would let price/finacing be the deciding factor between the two.

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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    The thread is over two years old, I wonder what he decided.

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    Default Re: Kubota MX4700 or JD 5045E

    Darnit! I just posted a long reply and it disappeared.
    We have a 2011 5045D (2 WD, 2 remotes, and NON synchro trans)
    and a 2010 MX5100F (2 WD, 1 remote, synchro in 3 and 4)

    Basically the JD is taller, heavier, underpowered, rugged as can be, and has the worst ergonomics of any tractor I've ever sat on.. It is very difficult to put it in reverse when the PTO is engaged as the PTO lever is directly in the way. Every time you use a hydraulic lever, you bang your elbow, the parking brake is a PITA to disengage etc. Little things like that seem minor, until you try to sit on it 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Also the injector pump went at around 200 hours. Warranty covered it, and it has been fine since..

    The kubota I purchased used with around 178 hours with an FEL. It is clearly not as heavy duty of a tractor, That being said I have not found a single thing that the JD can do that the kubota can't. It is the most comfortable tractor I have ever sat on. I can sit on it all day long and be fine.
    If you are looking for a heavier duty tractor to compare to the 5045D, The M5040 is about the right size. My neighbor has one, and his only complaint is where the exhaust comes out by your feet it can blow in your face...

    Both tractors are used for all sorts of things, from brush hogging, to vineyard work, to plowing with a 2-14 rollover plow, to discing (9' oliver transport disc) haying work etc.

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