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    Default Re: scut or cut

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzard103 View Post
    most is wooded but firewood will start being cut out of it next year.
    Consider ground clearance of you plan to spend time in the woods. On some makes, the difference between SCUT and CUT can be significant here...

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    Default Re: scut or cut

    Between the HST and all of the different gear machines i've used, i actually prefered gear most of the time. I opted for hst when i was in the market for a riding mower but with my low tractor budjet, i got a gear Yanmar. Hst is nice for loader work but gear has that constant torque required to scoop up gravel or really dig where the hst may struggle in a higher gear. I have to admit, i have only used 2 newholland tractors, a Boomer 8n and a TC18da, both were nice machines. have you looked at Deere's 3032e? My grandpa just got one and it is a really nice tractor. But it only has hst available unless you look at the 3005 (smaller), 3320 (more expensive), or 4005 (larger). Also, kubota's B3030 and B3300 are nice machines. The B3300 seems like much more machine over the T1520 and 3032e. As stated before, try them out, look at the used machines, you will find the right one.
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    Default Re: scut or cut

    Quote Originally Posted by Johndeere3720 View Post
    you will find the right one.
    For every man there is a tractor...
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    Default Re: scut or cut

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzard103 View Post
    I guess i'm just old fashioned.
    I feel like the expense is not worth it when it breaks.
    That was in Times Past.
    Today it's a whole different Ball Game.
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    Default Re: scut or cut

    If the dealer support is there, then don't be too constrained by tractor colour. When I was shopping for my first, I looked at used tractors for several months, then finally decided there wasn't enough of a savings over a new one (especially given how beat most of the used ones were). I shopped the new Deere, NH, kubota, etc., etc. and finally settled on a Kioti DK45SC with the 12X12 gear transmission (HST wasn't even available in '06). The main reason I chose Kioti was that the Kioti was a heavier tractor with more FEL lift than most of the competitors and it cost about $6k less. Any of the ones I looked at would have been fine for my uses and I think any would suit your needs, too.

    I'll also second comments made by previous posters: find a way to get your tractor with FEL from the get-go. It will be a hassle and likely more expensive to add it later and you will regret it if you don't get it with the tractor. Unless your land is smooth, level and dry, avoid turf tires like the plague. Also, if you have an option for spare rear remote hydraulic is good, but it is hard to have too many!
    Finally, check out the used market in your area; you might have better luck than I did and stumble into a fully-equipped unit in your price range.
    Good luck


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    Default Re: scut or cut

    I have a kubota dealer and john deere dealer in town. The massey ferguson, new holland dealer is about 30 miles away. I called the local john deere dealer yesterday i'm gonna try to go talk to him in the next day or so. I haven't been able to look real close at massey ferguson yet. a visit to the kubota dealership is on the list as well.

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    Default Re: scut or cut

    Yes, I would also look at the kubota L2800 / L3400, and JD 3005 if you are looking for gear shift tractors on a budget. They may have weight advantages over the NH, but I think the NH is probably enough tractor for what you have planned myself.
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    Default Re: scut or cut

    We just went through the selection process ourselves & ended up getting the JD 3038E. The HST has proven to be extremely useful when working in rough/unknown areas because of the ability to change ground speed on a second by second basis if needed AND the ability to immediately go from forward to reverse. Very handy when the rotary cutter gets into something unexpected or a front wheel starts to drop into an unexpected hole! HST also makes working with the FEL much more deft & precise in close quarters.

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    Default Re: scut or cut

    I went to all the local dealers and looked and got brochures. I haven't been able to drive any because i've had to go on my lunch break. they are all about the same size as the nh 1520 and to make a choice harder they are comparably priced. I have a question though when a manufacturer list lift capacity for 24 inches behind the lift balls is that tested of just what the hydraulics SHOULD be able to lift in ideal conditions. I guess what i'm asking is if its rated at 1600 lbs 24 inches behind the lift balls will it float the front tires or would that be within the tractors ability.

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    Default Re: scut or cut

    And thanks for all the input it is very much appreciated.

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