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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealWorld View Post
    I am brand new here, but would like to know what you all would recommend for price and reliability and parts? I am looking for a 40 HP 4X4.
    My recommendation: seat time, lots of it if you really, really are looking for the "overall best tractor". In the end, it's the tractor that suits you (not someone else) that will answer your question.

    Start with the local dealers. Drive both new and used tractors. Then go to craigslist and check local used tractors for sale. Drive them and determine which ones are to your liking.

    After you get some tractor driving experience under your belt, then post back with your questions/comments. TBNers are very friendly and helpful and like to spend other folk's money.

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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    I'll second the New Holland 3040. 30 horse and 4 wd.

    seriously they are all good just find the dealer you like, price you like, and the machine that you like.
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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    I cannot improve on the excellent advice given so far, only reinforce it.

    In all honesty, I tend to discount information from anyone who touts their brand as "the best"; no such thing. There are experts on here who can tell you of weak points in some particular models and there are probably even a few manufacturers most will agree should be avoided, but those are the lesser known brands. I would have no concerns about anything made by John Deere, Kioti/Bobcat, kubota, Massey Ferguson, etc.

    You will only be happy with a tractor that fits you which may very well be a model disliked by others. I will never buy any model with brakes on the left and others wouldn't have one without them.

    My personal preference in the size mentioned would be a Kubota Grand L3940 or Grand L4240, but that sure doesn't mean it would be best for anyone else or that it is superior in quality.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    OK, I will start researching, the main brands, Price and reliability are first concerns. Feel free to give your opinions and experience. Is the Jinma, worth considering?

    Thanks a bunch for your feedback!

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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    I cannot say what the BEST tractor is. I will recommend in the other direction, though.

    I would avoid a FarmTrac and Montana. This is not because they are bad tractors. It is because FT is already out of business and Montana is headed that way.

    Keep in mind that in the 40HP range, all these tractors are made outside the US, so many of the "ODD" sounding names are actually very good machines.

    You really need to sit in the seat and see if the controls are comfortable to YOU.

    Then, when you have seen some you like, post the ones you are thinking about and get more feedback.
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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealWorld View Post
    OK, I will start researching, the main brands, Price and reliability are first concerns. Feel free to give your opinions and experience. Is the Jinma, worth considering?

    Thanks a bunch for your feedback!
    Jinma is right for some guys but its by no means a main line tractor or the best. Its a 1950's design in a new package. They are heavy and tough and very simple but thats about it. I have one along with a Ford tractor and I really like the Jinma.

    They get a bad wrap because the Chinese will sell them to anyone, not established dealers only like main lines. Because of that quiality can very greatly from dealer to dealer. If you buy one from a large dealer, there are only 4 or 5 nation wide, you can get a well prepared tractor for a bargin. You buy one from a guy selling them on Ebay or out of a closed up gas station and you can expect problems.

    All in all I have been happy with mine at 800 hours. They take some tinkering and a strong mechanical background to make them a good value. What they have going for them above price is they are tough and underrated. A Jinma 284 is equal to a 35 hp main line unit in terms of power.

    I really do not think this is the route for you. In my eyes the BobCat and Kioti line is a great unit for the price and a good entery point for a first time buyer.


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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    Real, that's a good starting place. Your requirements of price and reliability are a bit at odds with each other, of course. As the saying goes, "You usually get what you pay for", but there are some brands, and some models within brands that focus on "value" or "economy". Do some research and you'll soon see those out there. And pay attention to which dealers you have nearby. A good dealer means a lot in reliability.

    Don't know anything about Jinma other than what you can read here on TBN. Some folks swear they are fine, others just swear at them. Probably more a "value" brand, dealer support can be iffy and reliablity seems to depend on whether the owner has some mechanical skills.

    Good luck with your research.

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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    The first thing to do, is make a list of your needs and requirements. What are you going to do with the tractor? How often? Are you working 5 acres, 10 acres, 200 acres?

    Based on your needs and requirements, then you can look for the proper tractor. That list of needs/requirements might highlight that you really need a 70hp tractor, or mayb only a 30hp, less expensive version.

    How did you decide 40HP?

    Will you mow?
    What type of mowing?
    How much mowing?
    Lawn, field, both

    how much discing?
    How much?

    Plant? Dig post holes? need a backhoe attachment? Loader? How much loading? @wd ok, or need 4wd? Ag tires or turf, maybe R4? Run other PTO or towed tools, grain auger, water pump, baler, swather? Tiller? Need rear hydraulics for scraper(TnT?)? Will it see daily use, or just occasional?

    Once you have that list for your particuler needs/requirements, then you can really get a better idea of the proper tractor to fit the bill.
    RobertN in Shingle Springs Calif

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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    Quote Originally Posted by doall View Post
    I'll second the New Holland 3040. 30 horse and 4 wd.

    seriously they are all good just find the dealer you like, price you like, and the machine that you like.
    40 horse and 4WD actually

    Also keep the warranties in mind as you are looking.

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    Default Re: Overall best tractor?

    I agree with much of what has been said here. I have been an equipment mechanic for over 23 years now and having worked on many different brands, I think kubota is the best. But, as also stated, all of the big brands make good quality equipment. In due time they all break. I recommend shopping the best dealer in a comfortable distance to you also.

    A great dealer can make a big problem seem like nothing, whereas a poor dealer can turn the smallest problem into a major ordeal.

    I feel like I'm just repeating everyone else now. But when you are looking you need to be very clear on what you want to do with the tractor, how much land, how much workable land, future plans for the land, etc. What your immediate needs are and what future needs or ideas you might have. It all comes into play.

    And most definitely come back here with all of the info before and after seeing a dealer or individual seller.


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