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    Default JD 3032E VS Kubota L3400

    Hi All,
    Can anyone give me the scoop on these two tractors

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    Default Re: JD 3032E VS Kubota L3400

    All I can say is I sat on both, and bought the L3400. the JD does not have an removable loader. The 'bota just fit me better, But there are plenty of guys on here with the JD, and really like them. So I bought a JD lawnmower off of the JD dealer, and said thank you for showing me the 3032, and bought the kubota and am very happy with it. Some hate the treadle pedal for hydrostat control, the JD has the 2 pedal system. and the Kubota has the treadle pedal, I love it. My JD lawn tractor has the 2 pedal, it is ok, but I prefer the treadle pedal, as I feel it is faster, and requires less movement/thought. Each to his own, but I can say when I first sat on the L3400, I just felt at home. You just have to find the one that suits you best. You can download the specs from each website, to compare them in that way.
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    Default Re: JD 3032E VS Kubota L3400

    I test drove the L3400, and several other brands, and bought a JD 3038E. I remove the FEL bucket when its not needed. I don't see any reason to need to park the loader.

    So far I'm very happy with the JD tractor.
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    Default Re: JD 3032E VS Kubota L3400

    Quote Originally Posted by Waltert View Post
    Hi All,
    Can anyone give me the scoop on these two tractors
    I don't have the scoop on those two models but I did buy a JD 3520 over a kubota of a similar model last Fall. The ergonomics of the JD just fit me better. I feel the opposite of your first reply in that I liked the two pedal hydro over the rocker arm. You can't go wrong with either one. JD's seem to cost more but you can't beat their resale value so I figure it evens out. Without knowing what either one costs try them both out and see which one fits you best.

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    Default Re: JD 3032E VS Kubota L3400

    The tractors are very close in performance, specs, and price. You need to review the std features and go to the dealers and get some hands on to make a final decision.

    The bota actually weighs about 500lbs more, has a little more rear lift, and a tad more power. But for me, the non-removable loader would be the deal breaker. I take mine off all the time when bushhogging an using the ream mower. MUCH more manuverable without the loader.

    And actually, on kubotas competitive comparison, they compare it to the B3300. A little closer on specs. But you really need to visit the deelers and get a firsthand feel for the tractors.
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    not yet sure


    I am looking at the l3700su and the jd3850 specs are real close. The boys has more leg room and I like having high mid and low range on the boys too. I am leaning towards Orange also due to storage space the jd does not have folding rops.

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