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    I'm with you. On hilly terrain get those tires as wide as you can. Be careful about the front though. The wider stance is hard on the spindles. I've seen them break on smaller tractors. The disadvantage of a wider track is that your mower, back blade, etc. will most likely be narrower than the track. I do a lot of mowing, EXTREME MOWING. I do work for the power lines and gas line right of way. They go cross country so you can imagine the terrain I can incounter. The first thing I do with a mower is reinforce the shroud. I sent a blade through the side of one. Since, I put 3/8 plate down the sides and rear and skinned the deck with 31/16 plate. This mower has 4 yrs on it and looks great. The first one looked like it had been opened with a dull can opener.
    One thing on safety, keep people away, way away when you use it. I had a chunk hit one of my men at 150 ft or so. He went down like a box of rocks. He was lucky that the chunk of limb, about 6" broken at both ends, hit him on the flat side. One of those jagged ends on the temple could have been fatal.

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    Thanks, I'll keep those points in mind.


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