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    I am in complete agreement with Messick as people add and remove weights even on the big John Deeres. I see no reason to pay for fuel to lug extra weight around when it is not needed. I use my L5030 a lot and it is not a heavy tractor; does a pretty good job. For heavier work though I like the MX and M Series. Our M8540 may be considered "light" by some, but you can add weight though we have not found the need.

    While we own mostly Kubotas, I encourage anyone buying a tractor to look at all of the major brands in your area with a decent dealer. John Deere, Massey, etc. make excellent tractors and what may fit me or something that is a "deal breaker" for me may not be for someone else. Many people like the left foot brakes on the John Deere HST while I absolutely hate them. Some prefer one HST pedal type over the other and the list goes on; try them all. and good luck.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm leaning to the MX4700. Dealer has already dropped to $22k and we haven't even started that process yet. Mahindra Dealer said get kubota's best deal and let them see it. Mahindra still stating heavy tractor the better. MX4700 over all looking good for my size property I think. I have heard Kubota discontinuing that model though. Regardless I think MX 4700 is right choice. HP makes a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessickFarmEqu View Post
    This is a total myth. Even in field tractors doing heavy tillage work (I sell them) you go by ballasting guidlines and often remove weight because weight in the wrong place or too much of it just burns fuel and is harder on your driveline. In a primarly mowing application like this guy has weight is totally unnessesary, and in most cases a disadvantage.

    The kubota L maybe a 1000lbs lighter (they are light for a reason, M's are heavy tractors)... but unless its sitting there spinning (which it does not, as the 1000's of people on these boards can attest) then what good is that extra 1000lb besides more mass to move around? More is not always better.
    I can assure you a tractor puller never goes in light. Sure they calculate where they are putting it but they always put every pound on that they are allowed.

    He also wanted to do loader work and I can assure you that with the heavier tractor will be more stable and have more traction with the heavier tractor.
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