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    Default syncro vs gst?

    cont:so far i,m leaning toward the syncro tranny due to the folowingrice[to get a larger hp in a kabota hst=$$],speed,more hp to the pto,we will be working lots of implements[rototiller,mowing a large,open area,and no ditchs to fall into]i think maximum h.p. and traction are what we need[r1 tires].how does the gst trany work[with/without granny gear option]this seems like it would be a happy median b/t auto/syncro?kubota dealer doesnt have any in to test drive yet[till 30 series arrive]

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    Default Re: syncro vs gst?

    We only sell a couple of gear kubota's a year in that catagory as the hydro's and gst's are the most popular. I will say that the gear is not bad after getting a little stick time on one at a customers. I still for most lawn applications, pto and loader work prefer the hydro and for different types of back forty work like skidding logs prefer the glideshift. You will never hear a gear grind with either of those two transmissions. You will find it far easier to train someone else as to the proper use of transmission and tractor. Things for you to look at before you sacrifice on purchase, Your use and time on the machine for your own enjoyment,$1000.over ten years is only $100. per year. and resale which is something that may happen or not, but if you sacrifice now for later it may come sooner that you do trade.

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    Default Re: syncro vs gst?

    In my mind, there are 3 basic kinds of transmissions, where most brands are on an even playing field of comparison:

    1: regular gear shift, non-synchro (like 8x2, 9x3, etc)
    2: shuttle shift, synchronized (like 12x12, 8x8, etc)
    3: HST

    kubota's GST is a unique and proprietary product that you won't find anywhere else. It's a modification of type 2. As a result, it's priced like you can't get it anywhere else. It's the ONLY (gear or HST) transmission I've seen where you can change ranges without stopping the tractor (ranges are built into the GST lever), although NH's turtle/rabbit button on the Class III Boomers can be switched when moving. Most price quotes I got were $860-1012 over the cost of the shuttles and about $500 less than the HST.

    The GST is nice for mowing and other long, hilly stretches of field use where you want to maintain your speed. I liked it. If a good used GST had come my way, I would have bought it.


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