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    Default Suggestions needed for used tractor

    Just purchased 10 acres with a home. About 3-4 acres are cleared and will need to be mowed. This years plan is to mow and decide were the 1-2 acre garden is going next year. So, I will be prepping the ground for next year's garden in the fall.

    I would prefer a small tractor rather than a zero-turn mower for the future plans.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Suggestions needed for used tractor

    On the top left there is a search function, I typed in new tractor and Buying/Pricing/Comparisons for the forum and turned up - Search Results

    Compact Utility Tractor is what you probably want. A good dealer is often important to some for parts and service after the sale. Some prefer big well established name brands like Ford, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, kubota. Others are fine with lesser known but well built brands. In any event if you look at the threads listed you will see the standard responses and questions you should be asking.

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    Default Re: Suggestions needed for used tractor

    Start by visiting all dealers within a half hour or so from your new home. Check them out, just as you did with your house. A big, clean, well organized service department? A good selection of used trade-ins? Salesmen that listen more than they talk? Do the "professionals" (farmers, landscapers) trade there?

    Whichever dealer you choose, they are going to be your New Best Friend, so keep that in mind. All of the name brands are fairly similar; it is the support staff that makes the difference.

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    Default Re: Suggestions needed for used tractor they have alot of videos of using different attachments. the videos = is helping me get boss to approve of different attachments.

    Used Tractors For Sale - Classifieds = classfieds also Used Tractors For Sale at John Deere Tractors, used farm tractors and farm equipment, tractors for sale, Case IH, New Holland, Agco, Kubota and and looking at local auctions is what i have looked at and still searching through.

    small compact tractor most likely work for ya,

    a riding lawn mower. are nice for mowing. but the attachments and then horse power, i just never have liked. nor that big of selection. a small compact tractor generally allows you more freedom as far as attachments go, blades, buckets, snowblowers, mowers, tillers, discs, plows, etc... and the attachments are easier to hook up vs dealing with a riding lawn mower.

    goto your local dealers, and ask to test drive different tractors. most dealers most likely have some sort of spot to test different attachments as well. doing this also helps ya find a dealer that you can go back to for parts and can count on.

    used tractors = repair costs. if you are half way mechanically inclined and have shop manuals. it takes some time but can be cheaper out of pocket to repair, but if ya have no idea. used tractors can = more and more repair costs as you pay someone to fix them. not to mention hauling costs back and forth between your home and dealers place.

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