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    Default BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    I have narrowed down my new tractor purchase to the 2 referenced tractors. Looking at getting the TLB package. Uses are for around my house on 3.5 acres (some flat and some hills with 1/2 acre of grass). I have a cub cadet lawn mower so I am not looking to mow with it. I have many projects that require a backhoe and the fel. Drainage work, build firepit, dig out small bank on side hill and build retaining wall, move firewood, etc. I have good local dealers for both brands. The BX is about $2k less. I think the CK will be much better for the ground work - but how much? The BX probably has better resale - but hard to say as there are not many used Kioti's for sale. I realize the 2 tractors are not really the same (sub-cut vs a small cut). Just looking for thoughts to help with the final decesion. Thanks

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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    Can't help w/ answers, but will you PM me your quote on the CK20HST, I'm guessing 19.5K based on my pricing for the BX25. and I haven't made it to Bridgewater or RI yet to get dealer pricing...

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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    I have a BX2660, FEL, and snow plow, with about 400 hrs on it now and I love it. It has been a very reliable and surprising, little piece of equipment. I've done only minor mods, including tire ballast and aux lighting. I highly recommend it if that's the size your set on. I also have a B3030HSDC that it equally as wonderful.
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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    If you were looking for a mower that can move a little dirt on the side I would suggest the kubota BX but since you are not looking for a mower then I highly recommend the Kioti. It's larger and stronger all around and not just by a little but by a lot!

    A few examples: (BX25 vs. CK20)
    Loader lift - 745 lbs vs. 1044 lbs
    Loader lift height - 71.3" vs. 88"
    Pump capacity - 6.3 gpm vs. 7.66 gpm
    3pt hitch lift - 670 lbs vs. 1,305 lbs
    Backhoe digging force - 1,936 lbs vs. 2,817 lbs
    Backhoe dig depth - 6.1 ft vs. 6.5 ft

    I have never used a BX25 so can't comment on it's real world strength but I strongly believe that Kioti unde-rates it's tractors and attachments because in real world excavation, that little CK20 has surprised the heck out of me. I run mid-size excavators and JD 110 backhoes on occasion at work and that little Kioti can really hold it's own for it's size.
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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    I love my BX for sure,but if mowing was not one of my main use's I would go larger for sure.Ground work require's more clearance than the BX offers most of the time but you can learn to get along with it.I pull a one bottom plow,harrow,bushhog, disk,use the loader a lot,snow plow, ect.,but mowing still accounts for most of the hours so for me the BX just makes sense and it has not left me down. Have fun making your choice. Drive both for sure before you buy.
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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    Three years ago I boiled it down to the same two tractors. I liked the BX because the dealer was close and BX's are great little tractors. But then I caught a glimpse of a CK20 and I just could not get over the way that thing was packed together. In addition to DMaces figures that BX weighs (as I recall) 2800 lbs. The CK-20 in a tlb is close to 4000.

    The BX25 is a fine SCUT but even though the dealer was over 200 miles away for the Kioti they have proven they are excellent to deal with.

    Well, it's been some three years now and my CK20 hst (TLB) has truly proven itself. I'm close to turning over 750 hours on that little workhorse. It still looks great and has proven as trustworthy and efficient as they come. Now days I don't count hours as much as stumps. I have removed probably 90-100 stumps, dug a garage footing and prepared a grade for two garages, dragged several logs and whole trees.

    Take a ck20 out sometime. It sells itself and it's the right choice for me. There are more and more
    ck-20's all time and now Bobcat and McCormick paint their names and colors on the hood. Although mine isn't for sale someday I will have to part with it. I'll bet my neighbor will miss it as much as me. When that time comes I'm betting he takes it. Right now, I'm having a ball with it. Ask yourself which one you think can do the most work.

    rimshot (certainly not gonna knock a BX25 because it's too good of a tractor for that)
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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    Have you thought of comparing a similar B series kubota tractor to the Kioti. Reading the posts on this thread would indicate there are some very happy and satisfied Kioti owners but there are a lot of happy B series owners out there as well. Just a thought as to comparing apples to apples. I owned a BX22 years back and loved it. The BX line IMO are the biggest little tractors made. That Kioti as you said is really a small CUT. If I were to say don't worry about going with the smaller tractor than I would be a hypocrite. I have up sized 3 times to my fourth tractor now. If you are inclined to use the extra beef then go for it and get the Kioti..
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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    They really are two differnet classes here.

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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    Quote Originally Posted by art View Post
    They really are two differnet classes here.
    Yep! That is a good way to describe them. Start comparing the CK-20 to the kubota B2320 or 2620 those would be in the similar class.
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    Default Re: BX25 vs. Kioti CK20s HST TLB

    My 2 cents worth. I think the BX should do all you need it to do and more. True, the Kioti is bigger and maybe stronger, but my BX25 has yet to let me down. It sits a little lower than the Kioti and seemed to me a little more stable.

    For me, as an admitted tractor novice, the Kioti just seemed to much. I'd pocket the 2 grand and go with the kubota. If you get tired of it or grow into a bigger tractor, you should have no trouble selling the BX.

    I really don't think you could go wrong with either one.

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