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    Default Re: 12 New Acres.... what size tractor

    Well, I just have to say something about the inference that the Grand L will not hold up to rough use. I have not seen that to be the case and use equipment pretty hard. Weight does not necessarily equate to strength.
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    Default Re: 12 New Acres.... what size tractor

    Quote Originally Posted by flusher View Post
    PTO (power takeoff) hp is what you should be looking at for running implements like mowers, balers etc. Drawbar hp is important for ground engaging implements (disc, plows, scrapers, etc). Engine hp is more an advertising number.

    What's your tractor budget?

    Rough on equipment: be aware that kubota's tend to be fairly lightweight machines compared to other brands, such as Mahindra.
    The Grand L series is not particularly light by any means. A 5030HSTC with loader and bucket weighs over 6000 as well. Just because a manufacturer has some task specific models, don't assume all are the same. Kubota intentionally utilizes lighter weight in tractors that will spend most of their time on a lawn; others not so. I do like Mahindra, but they seem to be the the leader in putting FEL's on 2wd tractors. That severely limits you using the FEL, especially if you need to backup with any kind of a load in the bucket. However, the OP already stated that he plans on mechanical front wheel assist on his tractor which would seem entirely appropriate for his area.
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    Default Re: 12 New Acres.... what size tractor

    The L3240 the salesman is recommending I believe is not as much machine as you want to go with. I owned a L3540 it's identical partner but more hp and would by no means want to go any lower than the 3540 for PTO and ground engaging considerations. The Grand L's are tough machines and I really enjoy mine. In your application my suggestion would be a Grand L or the MX tractors. I can tell you having the HST+ with the Grand L series is a real treat, especially with loader work and a lot of material handling. That is whether you are experienced or not. Some down play the "need" for it. It's a great feature no matter who you are. Between the stall guard and HDS it makes it very pleasurable to run. The L4240 is a great tractor for the money IMO and for what you plan to do would make a good fit. I have a L3940 and love it but if I had what you are going to be using it for and was starting over with choosing the 4240 would be under consideration.
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    Here are some updates from recent work. As you might remember you could not even see the house from across the street before 3 weeks ago. I'm learning that slow and steady will win this race, when I get in a hurry things go bad.... It's not a dozer.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-669181238-jpg   12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-988489058-jpg   12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-1478925161-jpg   12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-3045854827-jpg   12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-3650926799-jpg  

    12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-3742421341-jpg   12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-636108296-jpg   12 New Acres.... what size tractor-image-312815224-jpg  

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