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    Default 5 or 6 foot tiller for 4410?

    hey all,

    wondering if a 6 foot tiller would work, or if i should get a 5 footer for my JD 4410 with HST. i'm thinking 5 foot.

    TSC has them on sale right now and 0% for a year. pretty enticing. the countryline seem like a good enough brand. made by tarter gate.

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    Default Re: 5 or 6 foot tiller for 4410?

    That 4410 (HST) has 28 PTO HP.
    King Kutter reccomends 25-40 PTO HP for the 60" tiller,35-50 for the 72" unit.
    You'll be better off with the 60" tiller.

    (EDITED: A buddy on mine is using a 72" tiller behind his 4310 (about 26 PTO HP since his is HST too). Says it works OK, but he has to run in A range (low). Since Don87's BiL is running a 72" tiller with a 24 PTO HP 790, it's doable...might well depend on the soil conditions)
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    Default Re: 5 or 6 foot tiller for 4410?

    My Brother-in-law, is using a 6 foot KK tiller on his JD 790. Your tractor specs are close to the same. The 5 footer will work on yours also.

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: 5 or 6 foot tiller for 4410?

    You should be fine with a 6'.
    I run a 6' KK tiller on a tractor with 34 HP, 28.3 PTO HP (About the same as a 4410) with no problem.
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