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    Default Thought he was a salesman...

    Had an interesting day...went to a MF/McCormick dealer. Talking about trading my B7100 kubota for something with a loader. We talked new tractors for a bit then went outside to look. He didn't have a new McCormick around, but had a little MF 2410 TLB sitting there. I looked it over a while, then noticed the hoses under the step going to the loader valve were all greasy. I asked, and was told the o-rings probably dried up and it started leaking...I then asked how long it's been sitting out--the loader is starting to fade...Oh, it's been here a couple of years.

    So he wanted $15K for it, it's somewhat "brand new" but won't move at all. Infact I was told that if I wanted a MF that I should go to a real MF dealer even though they've been a MF dealer since the 70's. Oh well.

    I don't really know who that will be now that I'm back at my desk. I see in a news release that you'll soon be able to buy a MF tractor from your local Rural King store.

    He went on to tell me about how the lines were changing, bobcat was getting kicked out, and the NH tractors were now going to be the same as what McCormicks are now, anyone else heard that?

    Been to look at Cub Cadets, and off to look at NH in a bit. Don't know what we'll settle on.

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    Default Re: Thought he was a salesman...

    Some of the Case and NH are the same and are made by Shiburu, but I don't know which ones. There are some old threads on here about who makes what and it gets pretty confusing.
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    Default Re: Thought he was a salesman...

    If he told you that, you should go to a "real" MF dealer. That guy shouldn't be one. I would think it's safe to say if anyone has a GC2410 on the lot for more than a year, they are out of thier class of tractors with it. He must sell bigger stuff, maybe.

    The Rural King deal was originally for lawn mowers, but, they have bumped up to sell certain compacts & utility tractor now. From what I understand, they will pair you up with a servicing dealer if you decide to buy there.

    To me, it seems they should just display them there and send you to a dealer anyway. All they're trying to get is exposure. I guess you may be able to go in at different hours and talk about tractor though.

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    Default Re: Thought he was a salesman...

    Quote Originally Posted by nwbearcat View Post
    and the NH tractors were now going to be the same as what McCormicks are now, anyone else heard that?
    ...No. Clearly this guy has no idea what he is talking about.

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    Default Re: Thought he was a salesman...

    Im a "REAL MF DEALER" lol. I'll be glad to help you any way I can. If you have any questions just PM me.

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