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    Default Deere VS Husqvarna

    New guy here... looking for some advice since I've run myself silly with research and night after night of "sleeping on it"... I'm actually thinking I'll just keep cutting this acre lot with my 21" push mower if it keeps me from having to read anything more about lawn tractors...

    So, I've narrowed down my search to the John Deere X300 and the Husqvarna YTH24V48LS. Like I said, I've got about an acre of sort of level yard with a few bumps and small rises. I want something that will leave a really nice cut and also allow me to pull a wagon loaded with mulch, firewood, rocks, whatever needs moving that day. Also, I want to aerate my yard and have the ability to do some other stuff should the need arise. It may never arise, but that's beside the point.

    So, I thought that the X300 was going to be the deal. Really nice machine. Well built, good name, Kawasaki engine at 18 hp, good warranty, super color scheme. Sitting right at 3k.

    But then I came across the Husky. 24 hp Kawasaki, locking differential, bigger deck, three bills cheaper.

    My initial response was to go with the Husky because I hate the idea of spending more on less, but I couldn't find a single customer review of this specific machine while the x300 had page after page of positive reviews. I made up my mind to go buy the X300 today and chickened out when I got to the store.

    I guess what I'm looking for is someone with some personal experience with the Husky to ease my mind that it's going to be a good machine for the long term. My needs aren't huge, but I do have to run up and down a pretty good grade to access the grass at the bottom of my driveway and I don't want to be spinning halfway up. Especially if I'm trying to carry a cart of sticks.

    It comes down to this, for me. Is 18 hp enough to do everything that I want and is the John Deere name worth the extra? Or should I trust in the husky that offers more machine for a lot less? The equivalent machines at JD were in the 5k range.

    Super long post for the new guy, I know... I'm very appreciative of any advice you guys might have!


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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    Deere...they make tractors, not sewing machines and chainsaws.

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    I'm assuming the winkie means you're kidding, but this is a dire situation

    see, now you've got me doing it.

    So, what you're saying is that I should buy the machine that's 3 hundred dollars more, lacks 6 horsepower, is missing the locking differential, and has a smaller deck?

    I keep trying to drink the Kool Aid, but it just hasn't taken effect yet

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    You answered your own question, get the Deere and you won't be sorry. How many times would you use a locker? I got them on all four Deeres and rarely use them if at all. And I doubt you will notice the 6 more HP. Bigger is not always better, unless your using it for a tractor puller! And warranties, I don't really see to many Husky dealers around, might be some but I have not seen any. Good luck with whatever you get!

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    Before we bought our Swisher Zero turn I ran into to some used Husqvarna models that had not held up too well but had no use history.

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    From what I've heard, the X300 uses the same Tuff-Torq K46 transaxle as the box store Deere lawn tractors, and that tranny is not so good. Most people suggest an X320 as the starting point because it has a better tranny.

    Remember, parts and service should also be factored into the equation. What happens if that Husqy pukes and parts and/or service aren't close?
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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    In my area we have a great Husqvarna dealer with a full line repair shop. I see lots of Deere tractors in his shop for repair. If you have a Husqvarna dealer like that then it's not even a close call.

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    I have a Deere 3520 tractor and a Husqvarna YTH2348 lawn tractor. The Husqvarna is used for mowing 1.5 acres of grass around the house, and the Deere is for everything else - rotary cutting pasture, discing, plowing, loader work.

    I spent lots of time comparing the Deere and Husqvarna lawn tractors, and in the end, the Husqvarna had more features for less money than the low-end Deere units.

    The Husqvarna only has 63 hours on it and it's worked great so far. Maintenance is easy, the 23hp engine is strong, the k46 tranny has done well pulling dump carts and chicken tractors along with mowing mostly flat land. The unit also has grease zerks for front wheels and blade mandrels.

    Time will certainly tell how it holds up, but so far, so good.

    The Deere has been a great machine as well.

    - Spindifferent

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    I would recommend the Deere x320 with the better K58 transmission. I think this would be ideal for what you want to do. I have an L130 with the K46 transmission and have about 240 hrs on it, I have lost about 30-40% of the top speed allready. I will have to rebuild the tranny soon at a cost of several hundred dollars.

    Don't know any thing about the Husqvarna but if it has the same K46 tranny as the x300 I would pass on it also. Might want to inquire about a Husky with a better tranny too.

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    Default Re: Deere VS Husqvarna

    ot, the new snapper models look pretty nice but i have not looked closely enough at them to make a judgement. consumer reports rated them highly as well as the deere.i'm going on 12 years on my ariens gear drive series but i doubt the new ones are as robust. other than a flat tire i have not had a single issue with this machine.

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