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Good luck finding an M8540. All the ones I have been able to find had the 8 speed transmissions. They were also more expensive than the M8560.

RedNeckRacin, my Deere dealer wamts $3600 for the third function. The tractor only kit price for the tractor was $1911 plus tax. That is with me installing it. I think I am going to order the tractor from the factory with the 3rd function, and I will install the loader kit later. Ordering it from the factory is a little cheaper. I guess I will find out by how much this Saturday.

Also, did you get your rear tires with tubes? The web site says you need this to fill them with fluid.
Mr wilson.

I dont believe my rear tires are tubed since they were filled with RIMGUARD and not calcium. I think I understand what you meant, but I would certaintly want the dealer installing those high torque loader mounting bolts. I have been looking at adding the third function as well as the third spool in the rear and both kits are only 1700 from the parts website.