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    Default Older tractors underrated

    Happy Memorial Day!
    Looking at buying first CUT. Looking at all brands but have a slight JD preference. I have a 420 L & G tractor now and have always been happy with it.
    I have been reading up on various models and seems either newer tractors can lift more with same Hp or older models were underrated.
    Looking at 4100 JD with 20 Hp and it has pretty much same lifting spec's as 955 with 33 Hp

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    Default Re: Older tractors underrated

    For the most part lifting specs can be determined by the stability and weight of the tractor. Tractor designers tend to be conservative and safety issues play a major role in setting the design limits for lifting. The olders tractors tend to be wider, longer and heavier for a given hp compared to the compact tractors of today. I have never had any problems with the TPH not having enough lifting ability on any tractor I have owned, rather I could always lift more with the hitch than the tractors could reasonably handle.

    The fels though are greatly improved on newer tractors and so are the front ends. With the gain in popuarity of fels the newer tractors have stronger front axles as compared to tractors 50 years ago. With the shift towards all tractors with 4x4 and away from rear drive only the weight distribution has shifted likewise.

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    Default Re: Older tractors underrated

    Welcome to TBN. This is a great place to learn about CUT type tractors. There is so much information, you could start reading now and still be at it at Christmas! But you'll figure out there are some really good manufacturers out there and plenty of excellent equipment to choose from. John Deere makes fine equipment, as do the other major manufacturers.

    I won't tell you which brand or model to buy; you should decide what you like best. My advice is to first try to figure out what your work requirements will be. If you know that going in, you'll more likely find the right model of tractor for your situation. Compare all the major brands. You'll find the various models each have their own strong points and weaknesses. This is something where your own preferences play out... in spite of whatever "salesman talk" you have to endure!

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    Default Re: Older tractors underrated

    Older compact tractor specs were probably more realistic in many respects...especially considering the size and weight of those older machines (most CUTs manufactured back then (late 80's to late 90's) were smaller then today).
    The market wasn't as competitive as it is now, so the numbers games with the machine specifications wasn't as intense. Nor was the drive to make those smaller machines more and more powerful.
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    Default Re: Older tractors underrated

    I don't really believe that from what I've seen. Older tractors did often use parts from larger tractors such as castings and the like to cut or reduce engineering costs..

    The bad part is from time to time I also saw the flutter and scurring from when they went the other way and it didn't work so well!!!

    The computer and cad programs have made it easier to design and be successful at it for cost reductions and strength enhancement when needed.

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