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    Default Re: Tractor the "Woods"

    You can drive a 4000 series Deere anywhere you can drive a 3000 series. I can turn my 4120 not using the brakes completely around on a one lane gravel road. She's a whole lot more nimble than she looks.
    My 4120 6' implements are just the right width with little overhang with R4's set to narrow.
    If you're thinking grapple, the 400 loaders on the 4000 series you get more lift capacity.

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    Default Re: Tractor the "Woods"

    No way to improve on the information you have been given so far; lots to consider.

    For clarification, the kubota L3x00 Series are the ones with the "jerky hitch"; problem for some and not for others, but worth considering.

    As for position control v quarter inching valve, we have both and I hate quarter inching valve 3 PH; some don't mind bumping the height up ever ten to fifteen minutes, but I do.

    Like beenthere, I don't want to go into "steering brakes" on an HST as you can do a search and find hours of reading, but you certainly need to think about it and try both types. I have yet to find a situation in which they are of benefit to me on my L5030, but use them on our M8540. As per dusty3030, these things turn amazingly sharp. The length of your tractor with FEL and rotary cutter is pretty much going to limit how sharp you can turn more than how sharp your tractor will turn, even just a cutter limits you.

    I tried the "one tractor does it all" for years and gave up as ovrszd rightly points out. He makes a good point that you can go too big just as easy if not easier than too small.

    We have a combination of woods and open land and if I absolutely had to pick only one it would be a Kubota L3940/4240 or equivalent in John Derre, NH, Kioti/Bobcat etc.

    This has been our "woods/hill" tractor for a lot of years, it is a 4WD with 72 HP I think.

    You might want to go rent something and spend a day working to get a baseline for comparison.
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