Countryfolk, I have talked with the Mahindra dealer in Southern Conneticut and he is a great guy. You owe it to yourself to look at both Mahindra and Century. When I first started shopping, I equated Korean Tractors with Korean Autos and that was a big mistake on my part. They are truly quality and value. In the 40+ HP class I think Century has an edge. You either can get a turbo 3 cyl or a Yanmar four, both more powerful than the Kioti engine in the Mahindra. In any model Century you get the C-50 loader which is as slick as they come. In the 35 HP class Century has two models where Mahindra has one. Even the smaller model Century is over 3600 lbs. which is certainly no lightweight and 500+ lbs over a like kubota. In the smaller models and larger models there is more choice in Mahindra, but I think I addressed the area where you are looking. In the end, comfort with dealer and price will dictate your choice. I've been told that BOTH dealers you are dealing with are top notch. Proximity and YOUR comfort with each counts a lot. Mahindra will probably be more expensive to buy, but they offer 0% for 36 months which helps if you can do that.
Good Luck and keep us posted