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    Default mahindra 3510

    All you guys (and gals) are great! I've been walking through the history of some of these chats and I've learned a ton. That piece on HST was awesome...needed a PhD to understand some spots though.

    Anyway. I was not able to find much on Mahindra. I know the history of the company, and I have a dealer nearby to get a closer look. They look solid-one of the heaviest on the mrkt, frame is thick. 12/12 trannie - no HST. I'm going to give her a test run in a few weeks.

    But does anyone here actually have one? What's your impression? Is the extra weight an asset or liability? Any feedback on Mahindra 3510 is a plus.

    Word has it they are aggressively looking to grab marketshare in the US - targetting small acreage hobby farmers et. al. So I anticipate some competitive deals - maybe a little price gouging, who knows. Time will tell.

    Thank you all,


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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    I have a 4110 Mahindra. Little bit bigger than what your looking at. Other than a minor FEL dumping only problem, which was addressed by factory/dealer, the machine has been exceptional. No complaints and quite happy with it.

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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    Lamarbur, what made you go with Mahindra? Did anything stand out from the competition?


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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    I have a 2810 mahindra, have had for approx 6mths now, no problems, very happy with it. I would recomend them highley to you. reasons i bought it:
    1) Quality of the machine, weight, lift capacity, layout i think is got to be the nicest out there. all the controls etc are great, head lights could use to be better with loader, but most tractor block some amount of the lights.
    2) I felt with the history of the company, length of time they have been around, i felt safe that mahindra was here to stay,
    I think the other korean tractors have a great product too, but your dealing with an importer not big company like
    3) Maybe most of all i like the dealer i bought mine from here in Connecticut, NewEnglandTractor very nice to deal with always spent the time to answer or find the answer to my questions, They seem to put an effort to try to help me which now a days sometimes is hard to find.
    4) shuttle shift is great, i have no complaints over a hydro.
    - give it a test i dont think you will be dissapointed.

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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    The hydro Mahindra should be out shortly if it is not already.

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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    <font color="blue"> I think the other korean tractors have a great product too, but your dealing with
    an importer not big company like mahindra.

    Kioti's are Korean made by Daedong and are distrubuted directly by the company. Kioti/DaedongUSA is headquartered in Wilson, NC

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    Mahindra 4110

    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    Short answers:

    1) I have a 4110 - a little bigger than the 3510.

    2) General impression: High value. Strong, solid machine. Would buy again.

    3) Weight is a positive. Most folks want MORE weight (that's why they fluid fill their tires) for traction purposes. Yes, I suppose there are a few circumstances where it is a hindrance, but I'd venture the vast majority of folks want more weight and not less.

    4) Pricing: Look around! I drove about 300 miles to get mine instead of "going local." Exact same tractor and the 300 miles saved me $2,000. (I bought from Top Flight Equipment - call them to compare prices to see if your local dealer is giving you a "deal" or not.)

    Here are some other links you might find helpful.
    Thread #1
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    Thread #3

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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    I would have to agree with everything earthmaster said. For me, I wanted either a kubota L48 or John Deere 110, both which are full industrial machines. Since I can't come near meeting their prices, I researched around for several months, finally determining the next best step was the mahindra 4110 model. I need a hoe that can dig a minimum of 10 1/2 feet. Mahindra 4110 was the only model I could find that could do this right out of the box.

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    Default Re: mahindra 3510

    Where are you located? Mahindra makes a nice tractor, Have you look at Century? Super heavy duty and there C-50 loader is bult like fort knox.

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    Thanks Chipperman. I got a Century/NH dealer in Keene, New Hampshire. He's been on me to try out the Century. I need to follow up.

    Anything about the Century you particularly like in addition to the build? How about the price range for a 30-40hp unit w/ loader?


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