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    First of all, thanks for all the responses. As a new member of the group, I was simply amazed at the number of folks who read and responded to my request for advise.

    You have all convinced me that I need to purchase a FEL and upgrade to a larger sized tractor. Where can I find information on new tractor pricing (dealer invoice vs retail value)? What is the general markup on new tractors, and how do I know if I am getting a fair deal? Do you recommend purchasing an extended warranty?

    Thanks again for all the help. By the way Mark, I do live in Nokesville, Virginia (Parkgate Drive).

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    MN DOT Contract page will give you list pricing. It may not include the latest models. The TC30 & B7800 are new in the last year.

    JD's web page gives list pricing. There is no "invoice price" that is publically available. Dicounts off list range from 0-20% depending on dealer and region (North East tends to be high).

    There are many things to consider beyond price for a "fair deal" Primarily service after the sale. How quickly will they help you if your tractor has a warranty problem or a "rookie operator" problem. Will they charge for transport (most do, but usually a reasonable price). A tractor isn't as much of a commodity as an auto. You can't get it for "under invoice" or $500 over invoice etc.

    I paid almost $1000 more for my tractor than the lowest price I've heard of on TBN. I couldn't get it any cheaper locally. In the end it has been worth it. 1. There was a factory delay for the MMM - about 2 months. The dealer loaned me a Rear Mower so I could cut my grass. In addition he "upgraded" me to Rim Guard for rear tire ballast - it is heavier & less toxic than CaCl. 2. Sent a tech out short notice to fix a leak on rear end. 3. Still recognizes my name as I call to inquire about implement purchases.

    Go to your local dealers, Try out different tractors, ask a million questions. Any brand will do the job, it's the dealer that makes the difference. Once you whittle it down to a couple competative models. get quotes from local dealers. If you like one dealer better, but his price is higher, show him the competative price. Ask him to match it, or at least "sharpen his pencil".

    Be aware of any factory rebates (MFG's websites are good source)

    Lastly get Muhammad's Tractor Buying Book

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    For kubota prices you can also look here:

    Will's Kubota pricing page

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    I sent you a private message. Click on "My Home" and check your Message Box to read it.

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    Cool, neighbor.
    I have looked at just about everything and every dealership between Culpeper and Frederick, MD. If you have any questions, please let me know.
    I would start out looking at Theros NH in New Baltimore, Trible JD in Warrenton, and McMichael kubota in Warrenton. That way you can evaluate the "big 3".
    After that, you should take a trip Culpeper: JA Swan Branson and Culpeper Motors Kioti to see what a good deal they are. On the way back, stop at AOSmith Massey Ferguson south of Warrenton and see how much those cost [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]! Head down 17 towards Bealeton and check out Chick's Mahindra. In Haymarket, you can visit McCarty's for Kioti and Long. Make sure you ask to visit the service departments of each one of these dealerships and that you are comfortable with the abilities of them to handle issues that inevitably come up.
    I think you will find Branson and Kioti near the top of your list for choices. If you like Kioti, be sure to call Bill Towsey at Tractor Hill for a quote, as well. He's in Mineral, but is very competitive. You may also be surprised at how competitive the Big3 can be - especially NH.
    Oh, and most important - HAVE FUN!!!!


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    Nokesville go to Manassas.

    Byrd tractor, <font color="orange"> kubota</font>

    Should be less than 20 minutes for you, right off Route 28.

    -Mike Z.
    Did I say B7800's Rule! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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