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    Default 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    After waiting and saving for many years, I am within a year of purchasing a 23-30hp kubota ( or john deere). Where I live in Maine our driveway is 800' plus long and I also intend to get a logging winch ( and in time a backhoe). I am inclined to get a front mount snowblower and am thinking that it should be a 60" model. Where moving snow will be onte of the primary factors for sizing the tractor, I am looking for some advice ( and model suggestions) on tractor size so that when we get 12-18" of wet snow in a storm ( like we had this winter), the blower width and tractor hp will be correctly matched. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    Default Re: 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    I recently got a flyer for a logging winch, the smallest model requires 40 hp. Smaller hp might run the winch, but not at full capacity. The snowblower should list the required hp band. It would be wise to stay at the top of the band. I would also say if you get a gear drive, get the creeper gear option. Maybe a HST. I have a 26 hp gear drive, not sure if it goes slow enough to run a snowblower.

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    Default Re: 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    If it weren't for the logging option, you could probably use a <25 hp model. My GC2310 moves snow like there's no tomorrow, and the 48" front-mount blower --which was the main reason I got it, as well-- has no trouble with wet snow. Perhaps a bit slower, but it still throws 25-30 feet. Dry snow, 50+ feet.

    Problems- Somewhat iffy, though possible, to get a cab for the SCUTs. Much easier, I think, to get one for the larger tractors. If you really intend to do some logging, better go to a larger, heavier tractor with more hp. (And a cab!)

    If you want to see a SCUT up close & personal, an Army buddy of mine got one recently; lives in Leeds.
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    Default Re: 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    All small tractors for your intended purpose. You need a 50+ PTO unit with a cab (for snowblowing) or you'll have frostbite on your extremities right away.

    Blowing snow without a cab anytime, is miserable.
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    Default Re: 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    Thanks all, the logging winch will be for hauling out firewood and working our woodlot, not on a commercial scale. All good info.


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    Default Re: 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    A cab would be nice, although not required-that's up to your comfort level.

    The log skidding can be done with a kubota B series, although I would tempted to look at a L series tractor (more ground clearance for the woods) for that work. I know there are some winches that will work witha 20 hp or so tractor-some local folks usea combo like that for skidding firewood-a face cord or less a hitch-about what I think you want to do.


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    Default Re: 20-23 or 30 hp tractor

    Quote Originally Posted by 5030 View Post
    All small tractors for your intended purpose. You need a 50+ PTO unit with a cab (for snowblowing) or you'll have frostbite on your extremities right away.

    Blowing snow without a cab anytime, is miserable.
    +1 that.

    For snowblowing, get a big tractor with cab, kubota M series or JD 5000 series. Period. You'll not be sorry. Besides for any serious garden work, i.e. root vegetables you need to deep plow your patches, remove stones if any, then disc it and till it. Every year. Backhoe, winch is more suitable for M series or JD 5000 series. You will be driving accident about to happen if you put these on B series.

    It is impossible to get ONE tractor to do everything (efficiently). I got JD5083E and it has never stopped me, even in 5-6' snow drifts. But for garden work this tractor is not best to say the least. Bed preparation is done quickly, but you cannot plant, cultivate, hill your rows with it. I need Kubota B series for that.

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    It cannot be done. Every job has the right tool for it.

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