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    Default Re: 4wd garden tractors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gittyup View Post
    An x749/x749 with AWS will be way more stable than a bx. Lower center of gravity. Drive wheels always facing drive direction. Wider stance. Add OEM spacers to the rear and I doubt you could turn it over. You'd fall out of the seat first. The best mowing tractor you can buy. BX's are nice little do-it-all machines, but they wouldn't perform as well for the OP's problem.
    I dunno LBrown59............according to the post you cited.............the JD X749 is a much better machine for the OP than any BX series

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    Default Re: 4wd garden tractors

    Quote Originally Posted by LBrown59 View Post
    The BX tractors are SUB COMPACTS and the x748 x749 ect are Garden Tractors.
    Yes, and the OP is concerned about mowing his nice lawn. For mowing the x749 is more specialized for this purpose.

    When shopping for the new mower last fall I looked into the subcompacts along with the garden tractors. Didn't take long to confirm my suspicions that all of the subcompact tractors had very limited abilities compared to larger compact tractors. That said I wasn't willing to give up any of the better mowing characteristics of the x749 in order to get a subcompact tractor. Adding the rear hitch and pto to the mower didn't compromise the mowing ability at all. I felt the subcompact tractors were a comprimise not the best for mowing and not much of a tractor either.

    For my uses having a separate tlb and compact tractor for the dirt work along with the garden tractor for mowing and touch up work made more sense.

    For the guys who have to work over a small property of their own a subcompact may be the best fit, it just depends on your needs and expectations.

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    Default Re: 4wd garden tractors

    Quote Originally Posted by Taftag View Post
    This may seem like a novice question but how do you pump fluid through the valve system? I have a feeling my bike pump wont get the job done.
    I think it is easier to remove the tire, break the bead, and pour the fluid into the cavity of the tire(4-6 gallon). You just air the tire back up and put it back on. Takes less than an hour to do both rear tires.

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    Default Re: 4wd garden tractors

    Quote Originally Posted by LBrown59 View Post
    *Neither do I.

    *What do you think about thr comments concerning the BX1500 in post number 23?
    If you want to know about a Ford, ask a Chevy owner? Not my first choice; you'll get lot's of opinion salted with a few facts, and those might be dubious in nature. The judgement of someone who owns and operates a specific product should carry more weight than the opinion of someone who owns something else. A BX owner knows his product best; likewise JD owners are best informed regarding green equipment.

    Seemed to me the JD product isn't the only machine that would be an improvement over his current setup, so I encouraged the OP to look at all his options and choose the one he likes best. I figure if he wanted to make a beeline straight to the JD store without looking around, he wouldn't have posted here in the first place.

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