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    Hello everyone,

    I'm hoping to gain some insight on the Country Clipper line of zero-turn mowers. I've found a few postings in this forum, but the newest one was over a year old, and the general consensus was that the mowers were good, but the dealer network/ support was poor. Does anyone have any experiences with these mowers, good or bad? I'm currently using an old Gravely that was built in 1985 and it's time for me to upgrade.

    Brad Maxwell

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    I have had a Country Clipper Charger since May 2009. The customer service department at Country Clipper is the worst. I started experiencing an engine sputter while under warranty in the fall of 2010. The Country Clipper customer service directed my dealer to take the mower to a Kawasaki repair center. We did this and after 3 different dealers and multiple visits the engine would still experience the same problem when returned to me. These attempts to repair were over a 6 month period. In an attempt to solve this problem and per my request for a replacement mower they spoke to my dealer about trading me out of the unrepaired mower. They did not keep their word and retracted this offer and stated that if I allowed the mower to go back to the Country Clipper factory in Iowa they would replace the engine, check and repair any other items and extend the warranty to cover 12 more months. I agreed to this. The mower went to IA but once it was there they reversed their decision to replace the engine and instead elected to repair it. However they did not have the parts on hand to repair it therefore they returned it back to SC to have it repaired at one of the dealers who was not able to repair it in the previous attempts. When I questioned them about why they did not honor what they promised and the customer service manager said there was nothing wrong with the engine which could not be repaired. I have never seen a manufacture ask for an item and then return it to a customer unrepaired. They are now blaming Kawasaki. I still do not have my mower back to me as it sits in a Kawasaki repair shop (under warranty).

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    Hi Brad I hope this infronmation helps out. I purchased my Country Clipper Jazee in new in Dec 2009 with the standard 2 year warranty.The mower sat in my barn until Illinois mowing season of 2010 (May). Thing were fine until this year had to replace a deck pin and now....... The electric clutches on the deck go out WITH 77 HOURS ON MOWER and get ready for the price $315.00 to repair it.I called Country Clipper service dept about a possible adjustment or good faith warranty claim and well just say you will about the same luck as talking to a wall TERRIBLE. Yes I understand the mower is out of warranty (BY 9 months) but you have to realize the mower sat new in my barn for the first 5 month of ownershipand it only has 77 HOURS. A small company that will not stand behind its product any better than this will never earn my business again. So Brad my advice to you DO NOT BUY A COUNTRY CLIPPER I will get rid of my mower ASAP. My dealer is great and has been very helpful but Country Clipper WOW TERRIBLE!!!!!

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    Ouch. Sorry about your troubles!
    Proverbs 31:6-7
    Lord, help me to be the kind of person my kudzu thinks I am.

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