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    Default Re: How big of Tractor to unload round bales from Semi?

    Texvet, you said you are getting semi-trailer loads of hay. Are they delivered on the typical flatbed trailer that is 4' or more off the ground? If so, that upper stack will proably be around 11' or more to the center of the bale. I've unloaded a 2-high stacked gooseneck trailer with a 45 hp compact (just over 5000 lb). I could easily reach the top row and raise the bales enough to lift them off the trailer, but the gooseneck's bed was less than 3' off the ground. I'd back away slowly from the trailer on a flat gravel driveway about 8' and then drop that bale down to a foot high before transporting it to my ground stack. If it had been on the upper tier of a semi-trailer, my loader would not have reached that high. The earlier advice to get a tractor with a loader that can reach up to 12' high is great advice as RPW suggested. I think once you find a tractor that has a high loader reach, you'll be fine on stability and weight.

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    Default Re: How big of Tractor to unload round bales from Semi?

    I guess I am the only fool around here who unloads a flatbed semi with 4x5 stacked two high with my little kubota L3400.

    Since the bales are smaller rounds, it keeps the height requirement down a bit. The flat bed is about 3-4 feet off the ground.

    Getting the bales from the second level requires a bit of technique as they are too high to stab straight into. I go in with my spear tilted up and stab and curl up and drag them out a bit then basically let them slide onto my spear.

    None of this is anything I recommend! Get the biggest, heaviest tractor you can.

    Heck I was thinking a JD4x20 or Kubota GL4x40 would be adequate for what I am doing as it adds almost 2x to loader capacity and an extra 20 inches to loader height! I expect it to be better but bigger is better here. I just think a much bigger tractor than that will be too big for my current property.
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    If the tractor you find dies not have a loader, price out an ALO. excellent loader, awesome lift height too.


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