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    Default Re: New Kubota L4240/L4740 vs slightly used JD 4520

    Good luck with your new JD 4520 cab tractor. I know first hand that you got a really nice tractor and will be happy with your purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncalb55
    If you want a plastic chinese tractor then by all means buy the Deere. I own a 4710 and it is sitting out back unoperatable again because of a burnt up fuse box. cost of part 700.00. It has a busted hood where a black walnut fell on it 350.00. replaced hydralic selector valve 1000.00 the 2 side panel's 500.00 return hose for hydralic oil, turn signal switch, Light switch. When I bought this tractor new I purchased a protection kit to protect the tins or I guess you call them the plastics now and as you can see I have replaced them all even the grill. I have owned alot of deeres and they were good tractors as I never replaced any of the above items on any of the other tractors I owned. So good luck if you buy the deere
    You just hate Deere as much as I love them. If I were the TS I would get the Deere.

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    Default Re: New Kubota L4240/L4740 vs slightly used JD 4520

    Quote Originally Posted by canoetrpr View Post
    I have bitten the bullet and put a deposit down on the Deere. Crossing my fingers that everything will be fine.

    I drove a L4240 kubota today. It was a nice tractor. I thought the extra ranges within each range were a nice touch as was the throttle advance and ability to select hydro sensitivity. I still found it a bit jumpier than a brand new 4520 I tried. I felt the ergonomics were good but the ones on the JD were better. Overall I preferred the handling of the JD better - things just flowed a bit smoother.

    I preferred the steel hood and fenders on the Kubota. Don't know why. I just do.

    I was slightly unhappy to find out that the powertech engine is Mexico made vs Japan for the Kubota but decided that there are way too many of these used commercially to let it impair my judgement. I wad happy to see that on the 2007 JD the 400x loader was made in Wallenstein, ON, Canada.

    Even a L4240 is pricing out to be $3k more than the 2007 JD. Dealer today priced out the L4740 to be almost $4k above the L4240! I didn't let this bias me much. I'm sure the difference can be narrowed.

    I weighed the pros and cons of brand spanking new vs slightly used larger tractor which seemed to work ergonomically better for ME. Ultimately the JD won out as a new tractor would be used soon after being delivered.

    Congrats canoetrpr! Sounds like you made a very informed decision. Now, after all the homework, you can sit back and enjoy.

    I think you'll be very pleased with the Deere.

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