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    Default John Deere or Belarus

    I'm looking at buying a John Deere 3010. The price is really good and according to the seller everything works well and the are no leaks. The thing that concerns me the most is he told me that it was originally a tricycle front and the guy he bought it from put a 4 wheel drive hydraulic axle in the front. He said the guy never got around to hooking the hydraulics up to make the four wheel drive work but everything is there to make it work. Is this something common to add the wide 4WD front axle? How hard would it be to make the 4WD work? I know the 4WD works off hydraulics so there isn't different gear ratios to worry about, but should this be a major concern for me? Any advice would be great!

    I'm also looking into a Belarus 250AS. I've heard some horror stories on getting parts and service for these tractors though. Anyone have any experience with this tractor? The one I'm looking at is priced really well and comes with a FEL. What should I look out for on these tractors?

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    Default Re: John Deere or Belarus

    if it was me i wouldnt even look at the belarus for the reason you stated,because thats the facts on that tractor as well as the zetors.if you went with the 3020 id see if a dealer could hook the 4wd drive up for you.

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    Default Re: John Deere or Belarus

    I can't comment on the 3010 except that the fact that he didn't get around to it is code for it's really hard and he couldn't figure it out. Unless it works I see it as devaluing the value of the tractor. You are taking on someones project. On the other hand, if everything else is ok, then it has a much better front axle for dealing with the loader.

    I had a Belarus 250As, I never got rid of a tractor faster. There are millions of them, but not in the US. Crude but effective tractors. OLD, it mostly ran ok. I think you can still get parts from one source in the US, just not this week so if it breaks, it sits. I'd pass and leave the Belarus to the guys that are really into them ( yes, they exist and that's who bought mine).

    I recommend patience and looking a bit longer.

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