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    Default Re: why trade so much

    I have moved a few tractors around myself. What I have depends on what I need at the time and what is a good value to me. Some of that is dependant on the job and what my level of experience.

    I grew up in suburbia with an extended family that farmed. My parents left the family farms and never looked back. Farming lurked in my history until a farm came my way a number of years back. I leased that farm to the neighbor for the most part and bought some old IH/ Farmalls to do the basic work. My wife hated them because they were hard for her to drive and they had no protection. My first modern tractor was a compromise for my wife. When the neighbor quit I had 100 acre farm to deal with so I limped along with the 50hp CUT often pushing it to the limit. Then I bought my NH TN75 which I still have. I bought a small HST Kioti for vegetable farming for my wife.

    We split, she has the Kioti and just bought 8 acres with an option for 30 more. It is just right for what she is doing. I am renting and have a JD3320 for basic stuff and loader work. I just bought a 40 acre farm and will may need different tractors. I still have the NH but it is living in TN until the farm sell because I need to be able to go there and maintain the property. I may sell that tractor. It's a good machine, but honestly, I never clicked with it and I may sell it where it is and get something else. It depends on if I find a good value. I could back off to 65/50 hp for my farming ( I farm on the side - square bale Hay, vegetables, soon blueberries).

    I'm spoiled, I like cabs. I can work all day on hay and feel good when I am done. They are great when the weather sucks, and when you bush hog too close to a hornets nest ( done that more than once - actually bush hogged the nest without knowing it).

    Anyway, I will be trading out because me needs changed. I am hoping that this is the last time I feel that way though.

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    Default Re: why trade so much

    Quote Originally Posted by scoutcub View Post
    RRR -

    You're absolutely correct, a point I had wanted to include but obviously had another lapse of aptitude.

    The farmer is in it for a business; guys like myself its more of a "hobby tool". Big difference. Farmers will put 5,000 or 10,000 hours on a machine and not even think about trading. As long as it keeps pulling. And, as a business, once it's paid off you're making a bit more profit.
    Unfortunately, don't think I'll ever have a cabbed tractor!
    Maybe not, but it looks like you sure have some nice equipment anyway.
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    Default Re: why trade so much

    Quote Originally Posted by TripleR View Post
    That sure is a great picture.
    I agree, awesome pic
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    Default Re: why trade so much

    Quote Originally Posted by Farmwithjunk View Post
    And then there's those of us who own the first tractor we ever bought, the first new tractor our fathers bought, and almost every tractor we ever owned.....I've NEVER traded in a tractor, even when I buy a new one. And I keep my old ones because I can't have "down time"....The old ones are FAR more reliable, take less time to repair in the event they do break down, and they've earned their keep where the new ones haven't really began to pay for themselves. I buy new tractors for my business. They don't really impress me, even thought they're loaded with the latest technology. If it wasn't for insurance companies and their "safety requirements", I'd have my operators on 35 year old tractors instead of new ones.... You want to impress me? Show me a nice 35 or 40 year old tractor that's never been in the dealers shop since it left there originally. Show me a tractor that you can work on with 4 or 5 basic hand tools. Show me a smiling old farmer on his faded old tractor....
    I hear ya.

    I've traded 1 tractor and sold 1.. regret the trade the most.. it was a good machine.. the sold one.. probably should have just kept it for what little I got out of it....


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    Default Re: why trade so much

    Quote Originally Posted by TripleR View Post
    Maybe not, but it looks like you sure have some nice equipment anyway.
    Thanks Triple R. I've been very lucky and blessed to accumulate some


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