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    Default What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    I'm more curious than anything, as I'm not in the position to buy another tractor, but what is the biggest size tractor you would mow with?

    More specifically, let's assume you'd be mowing a nice, well maintained, manicured lawn. As in one of those lawns you drive by and notice the thick, green, and perfectly maintained lawn.
    I guess the question has a lot to do with weight, since similar size tractors could have drastic differences in weight.

    Let's say there aren't any 90 degree turns and crazy obstacles to manuever around that would require something like a zero turn, and no crazy steep hills.

    I'm assuming you would go with turf tires, so lets say a small frame tractor with quick detach FEL and mid mount mower.

    I'm more familiar with kubota and JD tractors but also looking for others in the same size range. Would a B series or 3X20 series be too big/heavy? Actually, I prefer to get something OTHER than Kubota or JD, but those are the ones I know most about, so those are the ones I can relate to the best.

    Would a BX or 2X20 series be the ideal size?

    The reason I'm asking is not because I have a beautiful lawn to maintain, not even close, and I certainly do not want a smaller tractor right now. However, I'm hoping someday to have a decent size yard with decent lawn, not perfect, but nice.
    I will always need a larger tractor, my 4610 is too small some of the time, but I'm also thinking it would be much too large and heavy to use on a nice fluffy lawn
    So I'm thinking that one of these days I will have to add a nice, smaller tractor that could take care of all the small chores, like mowing the lawn, spreading mulch with the small FEL and maybe rototilling small areas for a garden or something.
    You know, like something I could confidently take across my nice yard that won't do damage to it.

    What are the better options out there? In general, because I can't be too specific since I don't even have the 'new' lawn yet.

    This entire question is purely hypothetical for now..... But I can see why people need 2 tractors!

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    Well if the "New" yard is level you could go with a 72in.mower but sometimes even the 60in. is better just getting in between stuff but if its wide open would say a 72in. Also the weight will play a factor when using a sub.campact and not a zero turn,guess just depends on soil type.When I mowed yards we had a 60in.and a 32in.ex-mark zero turns had to really watch the 60" if it hit a hole or a high spot would leave an uneven cut but never any issue with the 32" and could get around in the back yards. Guess what im trying to say kinda depends on how you have your yard set up,to be able to get away with using a the bigger sub. or compact tractor. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    The only two tractors in that size range that I have much mowing experience with is a kubota B7610 (about the same as a B2320-2620 current model) or a JD 4400 (3520 is the current model.) Both equipped with a 60" mid-mount mower and turf tires.

    Between the two I greatly prefer the Kubota for mowing. It has plenty of power for the 60" deck, but is a lot more compact and a tighter turning radius. The JD just felt cumbersome for anything but wide expanses of grass. The JD was also considerably heavier and was harder on the lawn if at all wet. The extra wheelbase and weight of the JD did make it ride a little better though. So to answer your question, the B-series Kubota's are about the largest I would regularly mow with.
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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    Here is one that requires about 250 hp. Might be a little hard on a new lawn.

    Schulte Industries

    Schulte Industries

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    why not get a zero turn rider or walk behind? they are far more efficient and tou could put a trailer behind a rider.
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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    I'd say sub compact is the best tractor mower choice. I won't drive on my lawn with my 3320 unless the ground is frozen good. It makes depressions not matter how gentle I'm. Now for large acreage lawns and with non loaded turfs I might use a 3000 series. But the BX and 2000 deere's are your best bet.

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    The way you stated you concerns for lawn appearance would make me suggest the kubota B2920 (what I use) is too big. My guess would be the sub compact models might be better suited. My tractor does a nice job by my standards, but I'll admit I'm a lot less picky than most. As for the other stuff you mentioned (tilling, FEL work, etc.) I'd say any of the CUT/SCUT tractors would do.

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    Hey Piston,
    I have a JD 2520 with R4's and use a Woods RD7200 (rear discharge) 3pt mower. The mower is equiped with the hard tires, and weighs in around 700 lbs. I leave the loader frame on the tractor and drop the bucket in the shed when I mow, so I suppose the tractor/loader frame must weigh in around 2400 lbs. If the lawn is a little wet, the mower deck leaves marks in the lawn before the tractor leaves any marks. For large open areas the woods does as good of a job as you could ask for, but it is not the ideal trimming unit. I have a friend who has a 72" MMM on a 2520 with R4's and doesn't have any problem with rutting up his lawn. I guess if you wait to mow after a rain where the grass isn't sticking inside the mower deck you won't see any more damage with a 2520 than a lawn tractor would do. I am a huge fan of the rear discharge deck, give one a try sometime.

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    If you look at golf course equipment it is common to see some fairly large equipment working manicured areas. The tires you select make a huge difference.

    I prefer to use a riding mower for all intents and purposes it is a better choice for mowing a lawn. While you can certainly mow the lawn with a compact tractor and the right tires for the job, these same tires may not be ideal for your tractor work thus limiting its overall usefullness.

    I use my L130 riding mower on about 2 acres of lawn at home 80% of the time with good results. I occasionally mow this with the x749 when time is limited and I need to clean up the ditch banks better. The x749 has really helped eliminate running the larger tractors across the lawns this year. Being able to use 3PH implements such as spin spreaders behind the garden tractor has solved alot of tracking issues for me.

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    Default Re: What's the biggest size tractor you would use to mow with?

    I think you'd only want a lawn/yard mower of less than a thousand pounds. 500 pounds would be even better. What's a mid-sized zero turn mower (riding or standing) weigh; and what's the pounds per square inch on the tires?

    Reason is soil compression and damage to the grass itself.

    I kind of chuckle at underbelly finishing mowers for CUTs like the Kioti CK25/30/35 since those run something like 3000#. Even with turf tires you're pressing the soil into semi-rock pancakes.

    Just my two cents.

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