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    Default Compact tractor advice please

    Sorry to do this to you guys and gals, it must get old. But, closing on the 26 acres - 21 woods, 5 pasture/barns/house/lawn (1/2ish acre) Tuesday. Land slopes down a bit from the house to the pond then up the hill to the west (left). Pretty gradual, easy walking without huffing and puffing.

    Time to get ready for farm work starting with snow blowing. Future uses:
    - In the woods to clean up and pull fire wood out - 1 tree at a time is fine with me, I'm not a forester.
    - Potentially clear some of the woods just west of the south pasture for a fruit tree orchard if the land is good for that. Saw the backhoe "Ripper" threads, looks like a good way to go.
    - Manage the pastures, possibly do some crop planting.
    - Lawn mowing and mowing the orchard
    - Fencing

    Only stop so far was Massey. I kind of figured I was looking for something in the 35 HP range after reading and getting advice on TBN. After talking to the sales guy, he is going to work up a price for a 1533. Loader, front snow blower, rear discharge finish mower, backhoe.

    I suspect the price will stop my heart, right before SWMBO sticks a knife in it if I try to buy new. So I hit Craig's list and found a number of tractors. Perhaps you can offer suggestions. No arguments for a rear blower please - already decided against that. I know a well maintained tractor can last decades. I understand the part about having to check out the equipment (will need a knowledgeable person for that!). All are HST 4WD, none have lots of hours for their age. Listed in order of increasing HP. And GEEZ I wish these guys would put unimportant things like tractor year, tire type, etc on the posts:

    - kubota B7500 (must be 2000-2003) HP 21/17 300 hrs - $13250
    Woods backhoe and 5 ft scraper blade. Picture shows loader, tire type unknown.
    Pluses: Has backhoe, local to the new place
    Minuses - Not a lot of HP, 9 to 12 years old. Need the snow blower, mower and some cheaper implements. Not sure if the loader is included.

    - 1998 Kubota B2100 HP 21/17 815 hours - $12995
    LA301 front end loader, 60" Belly Mower, Grass Catcher, B2660 60" front Snow Blower with hydraulics. Loaded turf tires, Mid and Rear PTO's, rear 3 point hitch, ROPS, Engine Block Heater, Differential Lock, speed control, Hand Throttle, Tool Box, optional Bi-Speed Turn System, complete with manuals
    Pluses: Comes with lots of implements. Must be a dealer, offering warranty (short 10 days/10 hours) and financing
    Minuses - Not a lot of HP, 13 years old. Will have to replace the tires to go into the woods I think. Need the backhoe and some cheaper implements.

    - 2007 Kubota Bx 2350 HP 23/17, 360 Hours - $9000
    Loader, rear tire chains, R1s or 4s from the picture.
    Pluses: Fairly new, not too expensive, but I think the price is more than when it was new, maybe no value.
    Minuses: Still light on the HP, need to add lots of implements - blower, backhoe, mower.

    - 2007 Kubota Tractor B7610 HP 24/18 400 hours - $16900
    bucket loader with quick attach, belly mower, chains (tire type???),
    Woods BX70 backhoe
    Pluses: Fairly new, has the backhoe and mower
    Minuses: Still light on the HP, need to add blower so now over $20K

    - 1999 Massey Ferguson 4x4 Tractor HP 25/21 892 hours - $6000
    mid and rear PTO's, hydraulic remote outlets, 60" mid-mount deck mower, power angle plow.
    Pluses: HP getting up there a bit, has mower. Cheap. Don't really care about the plow so I could sell that.
    Minuses: 12 years old, need to add blower and backhoe.

    - 2008 JOHN DEERE 2520 Tractor HP 26/20 65 hours - $20,000
    Bucket, Snow Blower (front or rear??), Mower, Tire Chains (R4 tires)
    Pluses: Pretty new, HP getting up there a bit, has mower. Local
    Minuses: Expensive, need to add backhoe. If blower is rear, have to sell and buy front blower.

    - Kubota B2710 (2000-2005) HP 27/20 684 hours - $10,000
    Woods 7500 "Ground breaker" backhoe for another $2,800, Kubota B2765 6-way plow for $950
    Pluses: - HP getting up there a bit, not too expensive, has backhoe.
    Minuses: age unknown, need to add mower and blower. Tire type unknown. Loader not mentioned, might have to buy that too.

    - 2003 John Deere 4210 Tractor/Mower HP 27/22 721 hours - $10900
    60" heavy-duty "7-Iron" mid-mount mower, new loader for $2100 additional,
    turf tires
    Pluses: - HP getting up there a bit, not too expensive, has mower.
    Minuses: 9 years old. Need to add backhoe and blower. Replace tires for the woods.

    - Kubota B2910 HP 30/22 (2000-2005) 390 hours - $13700
    NO LOADER, Kubota RC72-27B mid mount mower, Meteor five foot snow blower (rear??), Woods six foot blade, Wallingford tire chains Tire type???
    Pluses: - HP getting up where I was thinking I wanted/needed, not too expensive, has mower and blower. Blade could be useful.
    Minuses: Age unknown, tire type unknown. Need to add loader and backhoe. If blower is rear, need to sell and replace with front.

    - Kubota 3010 HP 30/25 (1998 - ??) 950 hours - $15000
    Loader, Post hold digger, snow thrower (front or rear??), york rake, brushhog, back blade
    Pluses: - HP getting up where I was thinking I wanted/needed, not too expensive, has brushhog, post hole digger and blower. Blade could be useful.
    Minuses: Age unknown, tire type unknown. Need to add backhoe and mower. If blower is rear, need to sell and replace with front.

    - 2006 Kioti tractor dk 35se HP 35/28 860 hours- $14000
    Loader with skid steer style quick coupler, Industrial tires
    Pluses: - HP where I was thinking I wanted/needed, 5 years old
    Minuses: Need to buy expensive implements - backhoe, snow blower, mower. I'm guessing that will push it up to $25K+.

    Thanks for any advice as to the reasonableness of these machines for the price and my expected use.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    I have never seen a post so well laid out with questions that it made it so easy for some to answer. It's obvious that you have researched this very well. From your list I consider the B2910 the best choice.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Check out General Truck & Equipment.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Quote Originally Posted by whistlepig View Post
    I have never seen a post so well laid out with questions that it made it so easy for some to answer. It's obvious that you have researched this very well. From your list I consider the B2910 the best choice.
    That is probably the worst choice, it doesn't even have a loader, let alone a backhoe.

    Scratch the BX off the list, it is too small. The B7610 looks good and the B2710 might be good if you can negotiate the price down a bit. If a backhoe is must have and cost is critical then you really need to get a package that has everything up front. Finding a used backhoe can be hit or miss and you may end up having to buy new.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Don't get too hung up on tires. Turff's will do just fine in the woods.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Even though I'm a Deere guy, I suggest the Kioti would be the one to buy. Pretty new, plenty of horsepower and low hours. Use a lawn mower (walk behind or lawn tractor) for the 1/2 acre of finished lawn and buy a 60" rotary cutter (watch Craigslist) for the field. Craigslist might be a good place to look for a post hole digger too unless you an rent one. BTW, although not on your list...keep an eye out for a chipper too.

    Backhoe...lot of money. Would you need it other then the clearing for the fruit trees? Might be better to hire a dozer for the clearing. To me, this would be a very low priority.

    Snow blower? Do some more reading before you spend the money. No doubt, you'll get one ultimately, but finding a front blower might be tough. Rear blade and a loader does quite well in the interim.

    So, a lot depends on your available cash and willingness to spend it or go into more debt after buying 30 acres. Having been to Vermont and seen some of the old farms, I'm going to guess you'll be needing to put money in the house and outbuildings too.

    Good luck! I must admit, I envy you in this endeavor.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    You're going to want a loader, it's one of the things that makes a compact tractor so useful for those of us that have them.

    I think the kubota 3010, depending on age and condition, is one of the better choices you have listed. If you're going to be working around the woods R4's or R1's will be a better choice of tire than turfs, IMO.

    Hours aren't a huge deal, anything under 1000 is still like new in most cases, depending on how it was used. I put on between 100 and 150 per year for weekend use.

    A new hoe will run you about 5-6K, used is hard to find.

    Some of the prices you had listed makes buying new attractive, think about using someone else's money at 0 % and having a warranty. Plus you get the tires YOU want and no one else has tormented the machine. A front mount blower requires a mid PTO, which is usually on a pricey tractor.

    Pasture management means mowing at least, possibly either tilling or turning and harrowing the ground, then replanting.

    If you can find a decent L series Kubota (2800/3400/3800) they're about the right size, the only issue they really have is the 3 point being rough. A 3520 Deere is the right size, but more money and bells and whistles, it's comparable to the Grand L Kubota's.


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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Good advice from Roy ! ^^^ Especially the dedicated lawn mower, 35 HP tractors really don't do well on lawns, they're too heavy and clumsy in tight quarters. If the wife (or God forbid you) run into the house with a 35 hp tractor while mowing, it's gonna leave some nasty marks..


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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Of those on the list, the last two would be the two I would look at. The DK35 and the 3010. Mainly because of size. I think for what you describe as wanting to do, even the B kubotas are going to be a bit small, even though they have pleanty of HP, they just lack physical size to be real effective in the woods IMO.

    And I think if you really want the Backhoe, buy a used tractor with one already on it. Because to buy a new one (aftermarket or OEM) is going to set you back another $8k. And IMO, that isnt worth the money for such a small BH anyway.

    Case in point, my parents are getting ready to build a house. He is wanting to dig his own basement and septic. That alone would easially save the $8k to put a hoe on my L3400. And that was on consideration. But in the end, That $8k (or less) could be used to buy a REAL backhoe. Sure it may take a little more up-keep. But will do WAY more in WAY less time.

    And depending on your BH needs, $8k will go a long ways toward rental when you need one.
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    Default Re: Compact tractor advice please

    Have to agree with Roy, Sean and LD1 regarding the size of tractor you should consider. The L3010 and DK35 are much larger tractors than the others on your list. Your initial work plans involve some serious work for which you should be using a serious tool. Doing heavy work with lightweight equipment is a recipe for damaging your equipment or yourself. While some of your work can be done in smaller bites by the lighter machines, and neither of those are going to mow the lawn, they seem like the clear choice to me for what you plan to do.

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