I am looking to get over the tire steel skid steer tracks for a New Holland L160 skid loader. I don't want a bar type track, as I want the flotation and tire protection of tracks with the solid plates.

Has anyone used Prowler brand tracks, specifically the Fusion series? They are significantly less than Loegering, Grouser, and McLaren. How is their quaility? Do they last as long as the other tracks.

My previous skid steer had Loegering steel tracks which worked and held up well, but the price of Loegering tracks are almost double the price of Prowler.

Has anyone used steel tracks with rubber pads? Prowler, Grouser, and McLaren have tracks that have a rubber pad on top of the steel track to prevent damaging pavement. Do the rubber pads hold up well? How often do you need to replace the rubber pads? Do the pads ever get ripped off when turning or if the tracks spin on rocky ground?

Also, has anyone put steel tracks on a 2006 New Holland L160 skid steer? Do you need to put wheel spacers on it to have enough clearance? The track manufactures say you need 3" of clearance between the inside of the tire and the frame. Not sure why they need that much clearance, when the tracks only add about 1.5" to the side of the tires. There is 3" of clearance everywhere except for 2 bolts that hold the front of the roll cage as the nuts are towards the tires. I think if bolts where flipped around so the bolt head was towards the tire there would be enough clearance. Has anyone done this and did it provide sufficient clearance?