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    Default Ford vs JD

    tractor rookie here: I am looking at a 1999 John Deere 790 FEL with 450 hrs for 11K vs a mid 80's Ford 1510 with 810 hours for 8K. Both have 4wd, comparably powered, 3 pt hitch. I have a small woodlot, would use tractor for moving dirt, rocks, firewood maybe some snow removal. Tractor is not going to get a lot of hours. I have read that JD 790's have front gear problems, and that Ford 1510's from the mid 80's have a tendency to blow pushrods. Opinions?

    I kind of like the JD route just because they are still in business and there's a dealer close by. I take it that Massey Fergeson is the successor to Ford

    I have rented a kubota 024 and really liked it - but they are hard to find and more expensive.

    thoughts? thanks

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    Default Re: Ford vs JD

    I have a 3005 JD basically the same as the 790, great tractor IMO ! Has plenty of power and just the right size, I have not heard of any issues with the 790 either sounds like a limited problem if there is one at all. Any machine can have problems if it's abused. Ford is also a great tractor so really but the one that suits your needs the best. The JD is hard to beat for dealer support and parts etc.
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    The front end problems on the 790 were caused by reversing with a loaded bucket and no ballast weight. No doubt the 790 is a tough machine. I traded mine because I wanted hydro and more lifting power. Also a little more weight. Check the specs to see if it will be strong enough for you. I shimmed the relief on mine and it still wouldn't do what I wanted as far as wood moving. I have a pallet mover on the 3 point. I can't comment on the ford.
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    Default Re: Ford vs JD

    Quote Originally Posted by mmadden7 View Post
    I take it that Massey Fergeson is the successor to Ford
    Actually, NewHolland is the successor to Ford.

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    Default Re: Ford vs JD

    I would recommend the 790. They were excellently made tractors. You didn't state that the Ford had a FEL either, so I would see the clear option to be the Deere. A FEL adds a ton of possibilities. And the Deere has less hours to start. I do think there's plenty of room for negotiating for the 790 though.

    As far as the Ford/New Holland thing - Ford actually bought New Holland, but then within a few years Ford sold to Fiat which then rebranded their tractor devision as CNH, which owns New Holland, Ford, Kobelco, as well as a couple others more popular in different countries. But, large company and wouldn't be to worried about parts, have supported the past machines very well.

    Good luck on your search

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    Default Re: Ford vs JD

    awfull lot of moey for either of those older CUT's

    I'd keep looking..

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    Default Re: Ford vs JD

    I think the john deere is the better deal.......because of the FEL.
    Neither sounds like great deal from wher i'm looking. I really don't think your comparing apples to apples with those choices.
    Unless you need a smaller tractor for tight spaces the ford is worth considering. You will most likely have lower operating costs with the ford, but! You want that loader. Even if you don't know it yet..... trust me, you want the loader

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