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    Default B2910 vs. B7800

    Hello All

    I may be a bit ignorant, but could someone help me figure out what the difference between the kubota B2910 and B7800 is? The specs make it look like the same tractor.



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    Default Re: B2910 vs. B7800

    They are basically the same tractor. The 2910 has all the creature comforts the 7800 is a basic tractor.
    Just depends if the extras are worth the money.

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    Default Re: B2910 vs. B7800


    Engine and transmission for the B7800 and B2910 are the same. The PTO hp is the same as is 3 pt. lift. They both use the same size implements, so from the standpoint of ability to do a particular task, they are equal.

    I have a B2910, and I'll tell you in my opinion the order of importance of the "creature comforts" that the B2910 has that are lacking on the B7800.

    1.) The telescopic lower links - makes connection of 3 pt. implements a breeze.

    2.) No tool ratchet adjustment of 3 pt. hitch - again, makes adjustments to implements fairly painless.

    3.) I think the position control on the B2910 might be a bit better than the "1/4 inching" valve of the B7800, but it might not matter in many applications.

    4.) I like the suspension seat - especially after I suffered a back injury.

    5.) The cruise control. I don't use it for speed control, but rather, I use it to drive the hydro pedal forward so I can use my right foot to "brake steer". Helpful when using the loader in some applications.

    6.) Adjustable steering column - not really a big issue with me, but when the kids sit on the tractor (shut-off, in the garage), I can adjust the wheel so it's more comfortable to them.

    Well, that's it from my point of view. Do I think the B2910 is worth the difference? Yes. Mostly for reasons #1 & #2 above.

    I will admit, I've seen the B7800 on the dealer's lot, and if I didn't know how much extra "benefit" those extras added (in my opinion), it would be difficult to justify the difference in price.

    Hope this helps.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


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    Default Re: B2910 vs. B7800

    BEN: welcome to the forum, and the diff. between the 2 is nothing IN PERFORMANCE the diff. is in the creature comfotrs as some of the others have said. some of us for one reason or another rquire the comforts, age , hurts , and minor things like that. but for some , they don't need them. u need to make the dec. which is best for u NOW and for LATER.

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    Default Re: B2910 vs. B7800


    What Rick said.

    But tell you what, go visit a dealer at sit on them. They do feel different.
    Then see if you can attach or at least play with the 3 points.

    To me the differences were not a factor. I don't spend more than two hours a chore. So the comfort factors did not come into play. The telescopics did not warrent the money either as when I change implements I usually leave them on for a great deal of time.

    The price difference for me added another implement to my package.

    -Mike Z. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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