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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    Quote Originally Posted by carlmill View Post
    Thanks for the responses guys, I'm surprised you don't get bummed with all the newbie questions, great information on this site.

    So far I'm having trouble finding "non-brand name" dealers within a reasonable distance, will continue to surf.

    So far, based on the general advice, I have so far looked at Deere 4320(28,200), kubota L4240(30,000), Massey 1635(31,300). Have not done a detailed apple/apple comparison yet. Comments?

    The numbers in parenthesis after each model are the supposed base retail prices, haven't discussed discounts yet. Somewhere I read to expect 15% off retail, is that about right?

    I have a lead on a '05 JD with 900-hrs and 400FEL, asking 20500. I'll be looking at that this week, sound like a reasonable way to save a bunch?

    900 hours is not a whole lot of use. But be sure you're not looking at a rental unit. Those things can be used and abused--money pits that need major repairs. Best to find one that has a good set of maintenance/service/repair records. $20.5K is a bundle to spend on a used tractor. If you're not sure, get an experienced tractor buyer or mechanics to look it over before you jump into that deal.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    Actually, I think the 'newbie' questions are the best, as long as they don't as if they need a gear vs hydro or kubota vs Deere. Just don't ask

    Some say a dealer isn't a big deal, but it to me it is. If I don't have a good dealer within a ~30 miles they are out of the question. ALL brands have problems and as helpful as the people here may be, we can't fix your tractor for you, get you parts and all that other good stuff.

    The Deere and the Kubota are comparable models. The Deere at 48HP and the Kubota at 44HP, but from what I see online the MF 1635 is only a 35HP machine and a frame size smaller. I don't know MF very well because there isn't any dealers around me, but I don't think the MF is apples to apples, and worst of all it is more expensive than the rest.

    As for the used 990, they are built like a rock, but you should know what your getting. They are all gear tranny's and not nearly as feature packed as the models you are looking at new. I like both, but for a newbie such as yourself, I would go with a hydro for the much simpler operation. For that many hours (not that many, but) I would look new. I would want a 990 to be in the $15k range should I be purchasing it used. If you really want a new 990, though, they are now just renumbered as a 4005, though they are the exact same machine.

    From the quotes you've got, my bias toward Deere aside, I'd go with the 4320 every day. More HP and less $$. This is all just specks though. Your really have to sit in them to see what you like best. All these tractors will be very similarly equipped with minor differences, but the way they are presented and work for you will vary. Try them out and see if some of them are worth more than others to you.

    You may want to look into the 4520 as well, though, for around $2000 more you get 12 more HP and a very worth upgrade IMO. At the current prices you would still be only $200 more for 16 more HP than the Kubota and $1100 less than the MF and 25 more HP in the Deere.

    My $.02 anyway, good luck!

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    I agree, something in the 40 hp range. How much do you want to spend? You could go bigger, but than attachments start getting expensive.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    Take a drive to Spingville too. There is a good Kioti dealer there, might as well look at those as well. Lots of options.
    Kubota Grand L 3940 HST-3 (2012)
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    It's not about the color, but what you like in a Tractor that counts!

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    Before going to the dealer, checkout you can usually get a better idea of what the street price of the models can be if the dealer will play ball.

    For instance I found a new, a MF 1635 with cab and FEL $26500, $20400 without the cab.

    It just give you a target price, you probably won't get to, but if you are close, you did well.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    i would get a 4x4 jd 5105 or larger.a kubota m would be my second choice.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    I read your original posting. We have only 29 acres. We maintain about 10 acres for deer grazing, garden and just pure enjoyment. No nice lawn.
    I use a 35 HP tractor with a 60 inch bucket and AG wheel. Manual transmission! We keep our drive (600 feet) clear from snow (2-4 feet); we remove downed trees (lightning strikes), branches, etc.; and have dug up large rocks (small boulders) for landscaping purposes. I have also pulled out large bushes and small trees with no problems. The tractor performs beautifully.
    Be aware of the maintenance of a tractor. I grease the loader every 10 hours and perform the recommended maintenance work: change the oil and oil filter, clean the fuel filter and replace it, change the hydraulic fluids and filter, etc. An acquaintance of ours only occasionally greased the fittings and laughed at me for being so finicky. I do not know the condition of his tractor when he sold it.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    Thanks to Schriftleiter et. al.

    This Thursday I will be making the rounds of our limited local dealers to start serious discussions. Specifically considering:

    JD-4x20 probably 4120 or 4320
    NH-Boomer 40
    New Holland-1648
    kubota-4240, MX4700

    As you can tell, I've decided on low/mid 40 hp and 3500-3800lb.

    The closest dealers of Kioti/Mahindra/and such are unfortunately75 miles away. I'll be limited to the 4 above as I believe there's considerable value in a nearby/established dealer.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    Only mistake I can see is loaning it out. I would never loan out one of my tractors unless I was positive it would be well taken care of and returned in the same condition. I only have one person that I would loan to and I have known him for years. I know if he borrows it he will bring it back in as good or better than when he took it.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for what class of tractor I need

    You may want to check out a JD 5045E, it is heavier than the other tractor you mentioned but for the right uses I think it can offer more value than a 4X20 series JD.

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