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    Default LS, Mahindra, Kubota or Kioti ????

    Well i have been researching tractors here for quite a while & i am getting a little more serious now. i have looked at the mahindra 3016 shuttle, the LS g3033 & the kioti CK 27 as well as the kubota l3200. the pricing favors the ls & the kioti while the mahindra & kubota will cost $ 1000 to & 1500 more.

    The tractor will be used primarly at my home which has 5 acres, to garden, repair our drive way & to keep a small pasture cut. Also I will be trailering it to our farm approx 70 miles north where the terrain is 60 acres of sandy & rolling hills. this property is heavily wooded & it would be hard to get a bigger framed tractor in & out of some of the tight spots. Eventually i would like to clear about 30 acres of this ground & convert it over to pasture.

    The kioti is the heavist of the 4 units & for skidding logs that would help, the ls has the most hp for the $ but it is also the narrowist of the 4 which concerms me with the hills. the mahindra seems to do almost everything pretty well it's loader is about 500 lbs stronger than the kioti. The kubota is a great tractor however i think these others offer more tractor for less $ ( just my opinion)

    As for dealers we have them all fairly close by the Kioti dealer who is also a kubtota dealer really seems to want my business so that factors into my decision. i believe in shopping around & then doing my best to buy local.

    My biggest concern is having enough tractor to do the work but not hauling a load back & forth for the next year or two until we move to the farm permanently. i have even considered th ck 20 because of it's small size but bullet proof reviews of what the owners say it can do. ( also my wife thinks it's cute)

    sorry for the long post but i would really like some feed back from you guys! thanks!

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    Default Re: LS, Mahindra, Kubota or Kioti ????

    All of those tractors are fine tractors and you should be happy with any one of the manufacturers, the only thing is I think I would go for a larger unit. I am more familiar with the LS line I think with the size (wooded or not) of your other lot I would go with something like an R4041 or a R4047, those are LS models but everyone has units in the same range.
    I know that they would be more money but as they say on TBN no one ever complains about having to much tractor they only complain when they don't have enough. You seem to be doing the right thing and going out and compairing different tractors, but do your self a favor and look under the hoods of something bigger, heck when someone else responds they may even recomend bigger than that. This is only oppinion lets see what others have to say.
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    Default Re: LS, Mahindra, Kubota or Kioti ????

    Well I have no adivce yet but I am looking at this post as well I have been reviewing myself over the last month getting ready to buy and have it narrowed down to Mahindra 3016 hst or LS g3033h like you only I am looking for the hydrostat.

    I just dont' see another tractor for the price that can stand up to these 2 models. I do like the Kioti as well but I think you get more with the Mahindra and LS for the price from what I'm seeing. At leat in Oklahoma where I'm at.

    I have a new house on 8 acres close to the lake with some pretty rugged hills, quite a few big rocks and some heavily wooded areas that I need to work on so I'm looking for weight, power in the FEL, and enough power to get up and down hills with a load.

    The only thing I didn't realize is that the LS is a bit narrower than the Mahindra. I have hills as well so maybe I need to take that into consideration. LS seems to be a bit better on price from what I'm seeing so far but I am actually going to talk to the Mahindra dealer tomorrow to see for sure..

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    Default Re: LS, Mahindra, Kubota or Kioti ????

    I went with the LS after much looking and figuring, I have the 3010, it seems to be a very tuff little tractor. I also like it because it packs a big punch for its size and is easy to get in around the woods.

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