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    Default Re: stone crushing

    Quote Originally Posted by Lebneh View Post
    ...A local contractor took a look at the problem and recommended doing ditches on both sides of the road and then laying down gravel to create a road bed.

    The gravel will cost so much that we were thinking of just getting a machine to crush the local rocks to make our own "gravel...
    How much did he say it was going to cost!?!?!

    Do you have any photos that you can post of the road? Shoot how much would paving cost

    I would get a rear blade that can offset and tilt and make ditches, pulling that dirt onto the road where you can build up the center... lots of threads about building road beds on here with good links to even more printed publications.

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    Default Re: stone crushing

    Buy 50 each 50lb sledge hammers, hire 50 laborers at $10/hr, pound slate till done.
    /edit - mount sledge hammers on wall when done
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    Default Re: stone crushing

    [QUOTE]Oh - yea, meant to add; Slate does not make a good gravel, it tends to be porious and holds water, not trhe best rock for 'gravel' roadbed. You can use larger rock for a base of the road, something to keep it solid, but topped off with good gravel. You can often buy 3 inch crushed concrete fairly cheaply as this middle base of your roadbed. /QUOTE]

    Slate is impervious. Lots of it crushed for gravel usage.

    Slate: Metamorphic Rock - Pictures, Definition & More

    Many times Shale is mistaken for slate. Shale has not been fully metamorphasised into the Shale State.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys!

    I contacted the supplier you linked Dmrp6510 and got a quote for leasing one of their machines but after reading most of the responses, I think trying to crush my own stone is a fail idea. It was temping idea because i have a ton of rock walls that seemed like a endless supply of potential gravel.

    I am going to look into Garybake's suggestion of crushed concrete. Seems like that might be a great fit. But first I am going to have to fix the whole drainage problem like Little_Grizzle mentioned. I am definitely terrified of all the work though. The road is very narrow and the tree line is inches from the road bed. I am going to need to retake a couple feet of tree line to have room for ditches.

    Thanks for all the help and please keep the suggestions coming if you think of any.

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    Default Re: stone crushing

    I have a stone road on a steep hill. It doesn't wash at all. Key is crowning and getting rid of the water. A 6-way scraper blade is crucial for maintenance. I also like to dress with a rake rather than the blade. It seems to do a better job distributing the stone where needed.

    Geotex is also great for keep the stone on top and the dirt below. Some don't like Geotex on hills. But, it stays in place for me. I think the trick is to have enough stone on top.

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