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    Default massey 1526 or 1529

    trying to size the right tractor. I will have about 2 acres to mow 275 feet of driveway to plow and 7 acres of woods to maintain. Don't want to get something to big that I can't get into the woods to get firewood and pull logs out.

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    Default Re: massey 1526 or 1529

    Have you considered the kubota 2920. It might even be priced less than the MF and down the road, you would be happy you have the kubota for keeping its value as used prices on Kubotas traditionally remain high. If escalation remains as it has been for the last 5 years, you could likely sell it for what you paid for it.
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    Default Re: massey 1526 or 1529

    I think the 1526 would be fine, you also might want to ask this question under the massey buying/pricing forum. An welcome to tractorbynet.
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    Default Re: massey 1526 or 1529

    if your thinking 1529 ,look at the 1533.i have the 1428v hydro, and the 1533 shuttle.
    A little more hp is a good thing.
    massey has a good pto engagement system imho.

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    Default Re: massey 1526 or 1529

    My neighbour has a 1529, no problem with it in the woods, very nimble and powerful tractor for its size. As far as resale value goes, Kubotas hold no particular niche in the market in this neck of the woods, location to dealer support and reliabilty wins out over colour, which is as it should be.

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