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    Default Re: Kubota B2910 or Mahindra 2615

    Quote Originally Posted by BrokeSolid View Post
    True, option C is not my favorite because of the money difference, but I know it is a good buy considering it is basically a new tractor. I don't plan to use my backhoe for construction and I couldn't justify even owning one if it didn't get one at auction for a good price. That being said, I did use the BH with the B7500 to plant some trees and it worked ok. wouldn't think I would have problems using it with a bigger tractor.

    Also, I like the 3 point BH because it doesn't interfere with the mid mower. I know kubota makes sub frame backhoes that work with mid mowers as well, but also expensive.
    That 2010 is barely broken in! The subframe BH is really nice (I've got one on my B2920), but it's seriously expensive running about 6500 installed. I can really throw my tractor around with the BH and would be nervous if it were 3 pt mounted given the forces involved. I would go with the biggest so that you have added weight and strength, which will make the BH more usable.

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    Default Re: Kubota B2910 or Mahindra 2615

    You may even consider renting a mini ex and knocking a bunch of projects out really fast.

    Did/does kubota make a backhoe for your current tractor? Might try to get lucky and find a used one.

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    Truthfully, if you are careful you would be ok with the 3PH backhoe on the Mahindra 2615, people break their tractors when something won,t move, and the keep BANGING on it. The kubota I don't know because they use some aluminum housings.
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    Default Re: Kubota B2910 or Mahindra 2615

    I do appreciate the concern for my 3 point backhoe, but i think i will be fine because like said above, people are responsible for breaking their tractor. i already know the limitations a 3 point BH has and extra stress it can cause, so i don't believe i will put the tractor in a bad situation.

    that being said, i think I've decided to go with the Mahindra because it has been garage kept, has less hours and it is the least expensive one of the 3. Only problem I'm having is the first buyer for my B7500 backed out, so I'm scrambling to find a buyer. Thanks for all the responses though, much appreciated as always.

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