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    Default What's the best fit for my needs?

    I am trying to figure out what will work best for my needs without being too danged expensive.

    I have about 7.5 acres of tall grass (similar to king grass) planted in rows, and about 20 acres of corn for silage. I would like to use a single row forage harvester on a 3pt. hitch and blow into a towed wagon that would hold 3-5 tons. I don't need to cut it all at once, 3-5 acres/day (max) would be fine.

    I'm in the tropics so we get lots of rain, but I can grow 3 corn crops a year, and the grass would be harvested every 60 days; cut, chopped and ensiled like the corn.

    I would like to use the same tractor with a front end loader for loading out silage twice daily. Possibly in the future to use a small TMR mixer. The tractor and implements will get daily use, 6-8 hrs/day.

    Cost is a serious consideration, so I'd like to keep the equipment to the smallest possible to meet my needs without overworking it too much. Can someone help me with sizing? I've seen 1 row harvesters that they claim only need 40hp, but I've had farmers tell me I need at least 100hp. Obviously there is a huge difference in price. I cannot afford the 100hp option. If I can find used equipment in good condition, all the better. Does anyone have suggestions for what equipment will work?
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    Default Re: What's the best fit for my needs?

    I think you may do better to repost this question in the AG Tractor and Machinery discussion under the Related Equipment section further down the forums list.

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