Hi All.

I am new to the world of tractors and wanted some advice. I have been looking at the various brands of tractors for the last couple of months and after looking at some and based on reading spec sheets feel that the Case Maxxfarm 35 seems the one to go for. My concern is that i have had a farmer tell me to stay away from Case tractors because a few of his friends have had problems with them.

The tractor would come with the maxi lift 40 loader and 4in1 bucket,hydrostatic transmission and would be used to do a bit of dirt moving(clearing a house site, maybe some trench work with appropiate implement,etc). I only have 5 acres so not a huge property.

The other tractor i was looking at was either kubota L3400 or the newer L3200. The specs on these seem to be slightly less than the Maxxfarm but the advantage of the L3200 is that i can put a Backhoe with undermount frame. The other two i think i cannot.

The 3 machines are roughly the same money.

I guess i would like to know whether the Case Maxxfarms are something to stay away from.

Any advice much appreciated.