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    Default Purchasing new Riding Mower need advice.


    I just bought my first home, and with it I got just over an acre of lawn. There are quite a few trees and a large garden area. I would like to keep the cost of a new mower to under 2000. But i also want a reliable one. I would like to be able to till or plow with it but thats not nesscesary. I have a Tractor Supply store, sears/lowes/homedepot, and kubota dealer all close to my new home but i'm not sure which brand to go with.

    Any advice on reliablity and ease of maintinence and longevity of the different brands or models would be very helpful.

    thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Purchasing new Riding Mower need advice.

    Different parts of the country, but here is my advice. Search craigslist for a nice mower with the extras. Cart, bagger, etc. Any of the major brands are fine. Skip the murrays and the like. The attachments for most of the lawn mowers are gimmicks. Tillers, etc. Buy a separate rear tine tiller. Good luck and congrats on your new home. The money you will save on the mower can go towards other goodies.

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    Default Re: Purchasing new Riding Mower need advice.

    For under two grand it will be tough to find a lawn mower with ground engaging capability that you can use to till and plow. In that price point they are not very heavy or powerful. Since you are new here, may I suggest you go and join which is a sister site to this and much more informative about home mowing equipment? Nothing wrong with TBN but it is more of a tractor site with an emphasis on do-it-yourself. Good luck!!!

    And let me the first to welcome you to TBN !!!

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    Default Re: Purchasing new Riding Mower need advice.

    Dennis, it's kind of like asking what brand car should I buy, or what brand of tractor should I buy. You'll find lots of different opinions. For your budget, I'd go to Sears and shop no farther. If you add a thousand to your budget, I might change my mind.

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    Default Re: Purchasing new Riding Mower need advice.

    I agree with Bird With a Sears Mower you will the most bang for your buck! In my opinion I would stay away from anything with 3 blades unless you are going to a commerical zero turn! The Craftsman mowers were Manufactured by AB Electrolux but have been bought out by Husqvarna AB its factory in McRae Georgia is the largest single plant manufacturer of Lawn mowers in the World !

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