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    Default Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    Well, I need some advice... Hopefully you guys can help. I have 20 flat acres where construction of my house will be begin soon. I'll be mowing about 5 acres, maintaining a 200 ft driveway, putting in trees and fence posts and doing some landscaping. A buddy will also be digging a 1 acre pond for me with a large excavator. I'll then be maintaining the area around the pond which is forest.

    My original plan has been a new JD 3320. I plan to take advantage of the 5 years/0 percent financing. I think this tractor will run around 22k with the loader. I haven't starting price negotiations yet....

    Th other option is buying my neighbors JD 2002 4410 35 HP with 1200 hours on it. He'll throw in the loader, landscape rake, box blade and finish mower. Package deal will be 14k. Tractor seems in good condition. He said it has an E-Automatic trans. I'll be looking at it in the next few days.

    This will be my first tractor. Which would you choose?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    That sounds like a really good deal on the 4410, assuming good condition. The 4410 would probably be a little closer to the 3520, so a little more hp than the 3320. The 4410 is a nice tractor. My friend has one with the power reverser, sounds like your neighbor has the e-hydro.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    I am a big fan of buying used, your dollars go further. If the used one can be bought without a loan, I like that deal. If cared for 1200 hours are nothing.
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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    buy used. let someone else wash the new off of it, and take the depreciation hit. you're getting a lot more value for your money used. tractors will run for a long dang time. i wouldn't sweat it one bit. especially the first time you dent/scrape your new tractor vs a used one.

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    I'd also go with the 4410...more power then the 3320 and a solid machine.

    I'm not going to repeat the other guy's comment (about the 4410), but I'll concur with them.
    Roy Jackson

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    If it's in good shape, I'd go with the 4410. Those hours are nothing. Both machines are great models but the dollar difference is a lot.
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    I almost always go used and would on this deal.

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    Sounds like there may be some room for price negotiation. Tractor house has them for 13-14 retail.... One with a thousand hours 04 model with loader and back hoe for 13k. Good used machines are hard to find. Personally I like new.

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Blue View Post
    ...................................Good used machines are hard to find. Personally I like new.
    That is really true within several hours drive time of my place. I spent a few months scouring whatever ads were available. We looked at quite a few tractors. There was only one that was in really good shape and why we didn't end up with it is a whole other story. I also like new, but would have jumped at a clean used tractor had we found one.

    After seeing what was out there on the used market (30-35HP/HST/Loader) and the prices we decided to go new. We probably would have eventually found a nice used tractor at perhaps 2 grand less than new. After considering that the search could last a long time and the benefit of having a full warranty, we have a new L3200 coming early next week.

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    Default Re: Used JD 4410 or New 3320???

    I have a 4210 nearing 1,000 hours and in all that time the only issues I have had outside of normal maintenance is having to replace the OEM battery, two light bulbs, and have a mower deck clevis rewelded. When properly cared for, the 4000-ten series are very reliable. I sometimes wish I had upgraded to a 4310. When you say the transmission is an E-automatic I don't know if that mean ePowrreverser of ehydro but I would prefer the ehydro myself. What did your neighbor use the tractor for? Does it look look like it was well cared for?

    The loader is probably a 430. Mine has a 420 and I have had zero issues with it, and I can remove or replace my loader in 4-5 minutes when required. Ask your neighbor if the bucket on the loader is the HD bucket, they are much stiffer and stronger than the standard bucket. If the underside of the bucket has lots of steel reinforcing that marks a HD bucket.

    $14 grand is a fair price if the tractor was cared for.

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