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    Default What used tractors should I consider?

    My wish list includes another tractor (I have a 70 horse kubota with a FEL for primary use). I have often wished I had a smaller one for bush hogging and for pulling a drag harrow, to speed things up with multiple users. My criteria are first and foremost, cheap, say $4 to 6,000 tops. Just can't justify more $. Also, don't want a FEL, and don't need 4WD. I also want something with good parts availability, simple, with a ROPS, and Ag tires. So far, some of the older Fords or Massey Fergusons have caught my eye. I like their weight and simplicity. I want something in the 30 to 45 hp range. I saw one nice Massey 231 in my range but it had 5000 hours. Where I live, used tractors are not plentiful, but I keep watching Craigslist. What makes and models should I keep an eye out for, and how many hours would be reasonable?

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    Default Re: What used tractors should I consider?

    Used Tractors For Sale at John Deere Tractors, used farm tractors and farm equipment, tractors for sale, Case IH, New Holland, Agco, kubota is place to look.

    a warning though, when buying used, you need to do some test driving...

    testing "split breaks" for rear wheels. lock one side up at a time as you turn. and see if you can spin on a dime. vs just turning without brakes.

    get tractor warmed up for say 30 minutes. so thermostate goes through a couple cycles. 10 to 15 minutes for inital opening of thermostate. high idle put load to heat engine up more so thermostate kicks in again and stays open. get some weight on the 3pt hitch and raise it up all the way. then shut off tractor. and let it set for 30 minutes. and see if 3pt hitch drops just a little bit. check to see if any oil drips form engine any place, or rear end or PTO shaft, etc...

    honestly used tractors and trying to pick a model, and hours. is wrong way togo IMHO (in my humble opinion) that and most likely hour meter is broken or did not work at one time and has more hours on it.

    Tread for AG tires is a big one. ya you might see good tread left on tires. but more that wears off those tires, less traction you get in muddy situations. deeper / taller treads gives more bite and more likely to pull you through. new tires are by no means cheap.

    again RUN the machine, just because it looks all nice and clean and just painted does not mean it runs worth its weight at a salvage yard. check the gease zerks, and like on tractor to see if grease has build up over time as in things were being greased and more likel maintained. look at the battery to see if battery itself looks in descent shape. or if brand new, check the fan belt to see if it is in good condition or if it is cracked, chipped and ready to break.

    if it is not broken, then it will not get repaired, but it is the maintance and upkeep of things. if belt is old, cracked, worn, then machine most likely be ran pretty good, and more likely maintained / had less problems with it. and was used.

    look inside shed / garage of the owner of tractor. do you see grease guns, box of engine oil, bottle or 2 of hydraulic oil. engine / oil filters, other words does person have tools and garage/shop setup that is more likely taking care of things.

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    Default Re: What used tractors should I consider?

    Ford 800 series with 5 speed/double clutch.

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    Default Re: What used tractors should I consider?

    MF135 or MF150 would be my first choices to satisfy your requirements. My 1964 MF135 diesel deluxe with multipower is a real classic--looks good, runs good with that reliable Perkins 3-cyl diesel.

    Good luck.

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