chinese tractors are perfectly fine for those who know how to maintain it, and dont mind getting their hands a little dirty at times. jus tlike anything, if you dont maintain your tractor of course things will start ceasing up.
Advice 1- before buying your tractor visit the dealer see how BIG/SMALL their warehouse/store is and the most important thing - how big is there spare parts inventory?!?! if its tiny - stay away!
make sure they have a big spare parts inventory.

chinese tractors have come a long way they are absolutely fine so long as there are spare parts backup. nowadays absolutely everything is coming from china and i can see that they are investing alot of money into quality systems.

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Hi everyone. I am at that point where I need a tractor. The question is what type. Here are my needs for a tractor:

-I own 800 acres in NW Ontario with a mixture of fields, bush and trails. All trails have been cut by hand and now maintained with a 44" swisher and my chain saw and shovel when needed. I could use some culverts here and there and some smoothing. I also have other trails planned.

-I have some fields, they range from 2-4 acres up to 20 acres in size. Some are worked up now by neighbors and some are just in hay. I also have some areas in the 1-2 acres range cleared but not worked up yet, these will have rocks in them that need to be picked out.

-Would like to work up lands and some areas that have grown up a bit as well. I have mostly clay based soils.

-I have been looking at tractors in the 40-50 HP range but was wondering if these chinese tractors are any good. Would the 30 HP DF304G2 Tractor with Front End Loader satisfy my needs? Seems like a decent little tractor. Should I buy a used tractor? I don't want to spend a fortune but I also don't want to have to take it in for maintenance all the time either.

What do you think I need?